Life & FamilyNovember 24, 2011


I am thankful for….

… you, my readers, who have kept me eager to get up early and post whatever I can to inspire you (and I). I shall never tire of doing this.

… my job, at which I get to be my own boss, express my creativity and create a company which I hope will continue to grow.

… for my exceptional, lovely and dedicated assistant, Lindsey Retelle, who continues to amaze me daily with her organization, commitment and wonderful eye for design. We should all be so lucky to have someone like her working for us.

… for my two furry children, Bax and Ollie, who continue to make me smile through the tears, love unconditionally and appreciate a nice walk on a sunny day (we agree not to out when it’s raining).

… for my friends who make me laugh until my stomach hurts, push myself further than I thought and share good bottles of wine with.

… for my family who brought me into this world (and can take me out), loves and supports me and takes me on lovely vacations. :)

… my husband, the most patient, kind, loving man internet dating ever produced.  The person that truly exemplifies unconditional love, courage, humor and a glass is half full attitude.  I am a lucky, lucky woman.

Thank you.

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