Hemingway’s Style

I was watching the Today Show yesterday (even though I CANNOT STAND Ann Curry) while moping on the sofa with my Christmas Cold (arghhh) and I saw Muriel Hemingway giving a tour of her grandfather Ernest’s Cuban home.  I was so surprised by how stylish it was and how “on trend” with the current styles we’ve seen on blogs and in magazines. While I have yet to read any works by Hemingway (any advice on where to start?) I am enamored with his look! Take a peek:

His home in Florida is much of the same look-

There’s a fabulous bar in LA called Hemingways Lounge that is a homage to his style:

Here’s my take on Hemingway style- vintage posters, Oushal rugs, tropical influence…. and of course, bookcases and a bar cart!

Hemingway Style


  1. There is a gorgeous restauraat here in Chicago inspired by Hemmingway called the Hubbard Inn. THe decor is amazing, wonderful mismatching. You have to google it.

  2. His house in Key West is so inspiring! I have a photo of the exterior colors that totally won’t work in Colorado, but I love them none the less!

  3. I happened to catch that segment of the Today show as well. Love the still shots you’ve compiled. His house in Cuba is still as en vogue as ever.

  4. the chair at the foot of the bed in the key west house is a birthing chair. they told us on the tour of the house that it was used in baby having. torture chair, i say.

  5. Hem is one of my MOST FAVORITE of all writers. Who, after all, doesn’t love the Lost Generation of 1920s Paris? OMG and so many of his Parisian haunts are still alive today…will send you a list if you like.

    Ok, where to start:

    The Sun Also Rises.

    Then read A Moveable Feast (this is quick and would be lovely before your trip to Paris). AND, not by Hemingway but a beautiful fictionalized account of his first wife’s life: The Paris Wife. Stunning book. In fact, you might want to read that first!

    If you’re in a movie mood, watch Midnight in Paris- the latest Woody Allen- and you’ll see Hem in there :)


  6. If your going to Paris you MUST read The Sun Also Rises…. You will fall in LOVE with the expat adventures:)

  7. i’m pretty sure Hemingway was a badass, the kind of guy with an attitude that says, I really don’t care what you think. great looking place, Hemingway!

  8. Such perfect timing. I am reading The Sun Also Rises right now, but would highly recommend a Moveable Feast first. Also second the recommendation to read The Paris Wife. Love everything about his home. Thanks for sharing!

  9. i too would recommend a movable feast as a starting place. not only is it very readable but early editions with their marbled gray cover – complete with a gilded author’s signature and a burnt orange spine are bookshelf perfection!

  10. Sorry for the late comment! Love it all. Isn’t the portrait of the man in the green room “the most interesting man in the world”?

  11. While I love the house, I am not a fan of Hemingway. I have read a few of his works and I don’t recommend anything for you. And I’m not a fan of Ann Curry either. Ugh – I must be a hater today.
    Happy Holidays!

  12. I concur that you should read A Moveable Feast before going to Paris. I did, and it made it that much more interesting. The book still astonishes me to this day because in that book he forever put out there that F. Scott Fitzgerald is “small” in that area. Ouch!!!

    He is fascinating, but seems so cruel too. I teach literature and writing, and I’ve found not many read Hemingway these days.

  13. Oooh, if you like F. Scott Fitzgerald you would probably like Hemingway, too. May favorites are “A Movable Feast” (nonfiction) and “Sun Also Rises” (fiction).

  14. Admit to not actually reading Hemingway but loved fictionalized version of his younger years in The Paris Wife. A good, easy place to start. Then, you can pick the real Hemingway that best suits you based on the descriptions therein. Merry Christmas.

  15. You MUST read A Moveable Feast especially if you are off to Paris soon. BTW I live there, some restaurants to try: Moustache, l’Hotel Amour, les Cocottes.

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