Holidays & EntertainingDecember 7, 2011

Jill Rosewald/ EOS Exclusive Holiday Tray!

Everyone knows I love leopard. Like, it’s my favorite color. I have a leopard iPhone case on my phone and lose it inside my leopard lined bag while wearing leopard shoes. I might need an intervention before I have plastic surgery to look like a leopard a la Jocelyn Wildenstein. Anywhoo, Jill has long disliked leopard (we chalk it up to a generational discord) and so it has become a topic of much chatter in the studio. Finally after some cajoling and looking at fabrics, she agreed to try a leopard pattern on her awesome mini tray as an exclusive to EOS readers. And hellllloooo lovah, check it out! 6′ x 9″, red, pink, monogrammed and topped off with a gold edge- it’s delicious. And for $95 buckaroos too! Order yours now by emailing me [email protected] and specify your letter and shipping address! My lucky assistant got this one for her desk- perfect for paper clips, stamps and business cards!

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