The Look for Less: Otomi Fabric

There are some patterns that I shall never tire of: Suzani, ikat and Otomi prints.  However, the price for actual handmade versions of any of these fabrics is typically VERY high. Take Otomi for example, a small throw can set you back almost $300. And if you want to make a headboard or upholster in it you’ll need multiples of them!

What I found on Spoonflower is a print exactly like the Otomi by textile designer Samarra Khaja and it’s way cheaper (you can pick the kind of fabric it’s printed on too!) So great for duvet covers, upholstering chairs and my favorite idea- custom nursery bedding!

The smaller scale…


  1. I was SUPER excited when I found Otomi looking designs on Spoonflower! I’m planning on making a teepee for my little guy’s playroom out of it. Have a great holiday!

  2. I have tons of otomi from Mexico. I never knew it was called otomi until I read it on your blog. I’ve got three huge yard by yard otomis that I’ve framed hanging over our sofa in our living room in different shades of red/pink. It’s great to see other uses for the fabric. A yard x yard piece usually goes for $60 in Mexico.

  3. great post, great fabrics… but is it just me, or does that doll in the kid’s room look totally freaky??

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