Closet ENVY!

Have you SEEN Mary Alice Stephenson’s closet as featured on The Coveteur? It’s an entire floor of her Brooklyn brownstone and it makes me want to weep. Not only because of it’s size, decoration and ridiculous organization but also it’s contents (so many Naeem Khan dresses!!!)

Here are some dream items for my own dream closet….

Closet Dreams


  1. That’s a fabulous way to get ready everyday. I’m digging all the black & white photographs! I wish I had more space on my walls for pictures in my dressing room. I guess it’s a trade-off that I have 3 windows with natural lighting instead. I also am envious of that jewelry organizer…and all the contents of course.

  2. Love this-all the black and hite is stunning and quite glamorous-I am doing my new bedroom this way so tis great inspiration. Great MW Lupe rug.

  3. It’s absolutely stunning! I’m drooling over here! I wouldn’t leave that place in the morning!! Erin, just to let you know I did a post about our Paris encounter, hope you get a chance to see it! Take care! Ana

  4. OMG that is awesome!! Love that pic of Diana Ross and that Lady Luck shot and the jewelry and the clothes….a friend of mine turned her attic into a closet. Dare I say it is almost as beautiful as this???? I wish I had the space!

  5. Wow! Words fail me. That is bigger than my bedroom! She could always open a jewelery shop if life doesn’t work out for her :) Thanks for sharing Erin.

  6. Is it sad that my first thought is, “How long would it take me to get dressed if I had that many drawers full of accessories?! I’d be in there all day!” Just wow! I love how everything is laid out as if they were displayed in a high-end boutique!

  7. I saw this space and seriously I would kill for her jewelry collection!!!:D


  8. Wow, that is just too much stuff for one person. I love everything in her closet but all together it is quite overpowering.

  9. Love the lacquered boxes you’ve picked! have had my eye on some of those for a while. I actually think I’d be a bit overwhelmed in this closet…. if that’s possible!

  10. Shut the front door! I been compiling images cuz I’m about due for another closet post and I keep running in to ones I’ve already seen or blogged about. This is absolutely fabulous. I even made the first pic my desktop wallpaper. *Visualgams*

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