Down Day

You guys, I am BEAT. I spend the last two days moving and I am absolutely SPENT. And I am a crazy person and booked a business trip to Chicago today, the day after moving. I know, bananas. I am totally devoid of blogging inspiration, I so apologize!! My poor puppies are so confused about where we are and why their stuff is here. My delicious new navy velvet sofa from Duralee is still weeks away from being delivered so I am sitting in a BUTTERFLY CHAIR and I am very emotional about this new, temporary location. I hope you’ll forgive me and I promise once things settle down to be a much better blogger. :)



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  1. It’s always the way after moving! Take some before photos – and then as you get to the after you can congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come when you’re settled. (And we all want to see so that’s a post for another day sorted)

    Besides all of that, a trip to Chicago will probably make you extra grateful to get home to Boston! (not my fav city – Chicago’s too windy!)


  2. It will get better. Moving is traumatic, no matter how far you go or why you did it. Hang in there. Have a great trip to Chicago. I hope it’s warmer there than here in Boston! Just keep telling yourself: I can do this. And you can. And we’re hear to support you. Go get ’em, Erin!

  3. I love the photo….it is exactly how many of us feel around this time of year! To many client homes to check off….as it must be done before the holiday…add a move in on top and forget about it…maybe the Chicago trip is just what you need to separate for a bit…you will be ready to go when you get back…and schedule in some downtime to settle in and get organized…you deserve it!

  4. Sad! Sorry you are having a rough time with the move! I hope you are able to have a good flight and even have that time be refreshing before you have to hit the ground running in Chicago!
    Much love,

  5. I think the before photos are a great idea. Think about how proud you’ll be once you get everything set up exactly the way you want. Go to Chicago, put the mess at home out of your mind and tackle everything with a fresh eye when you return.

    Or if you want a complete diversion, maybe you’ll check out my new project:

    Good luck from someone who has sworn off ever moving again!

  6. I second Carly’s suggestion of taking before and after photos! Looking at those will confirm all of your hard work and stress when you are finally settled(plus give me more decorating inspiration!). Until then, take it one day at a time and know that you have purpose in this new space even though it may be hidden to you now.

  7. Chins up Erin, it’s going to be fabulous. Moving is highly stressful, your allowed to be emotional. Do what you need to do to feel better, your space will come together. No pressure, i think we all understand what it’s like. Just enjoy the process. Try to get some rest in Chicago, maybe some wine! xo

  8. Aww. Sorry to hear you’re frustrated. But I’m getting a good giggle out of the image of you in your butterfly chair. Brings back memories of my teenage bedroom. When the sofa arrives it’s going to be great!!

  9. Moving is one of the most stressful and emotional things in life. Just accept the feelings and after the chaos things will get better and before you know it, your new place will feel like home. Happy New Year!!!

  10. If you have ever seen “Bad Boys II” then you know what I am going to say. “Whoooosaaaaa! Whooooooosaaaaa! Whoooooosaaaaa!”! It worked for Martin Lawrence in the movie and I use it on occasion myself when things just don’t mesh. All of this will still be there when you get back, so pack your bags, take some deep breathes, the puppies will cope and jump on the plane for “Chi Town”. Then you’ll come back refreshed and ready to tackle the dreaded(drum roll please) “New Home Syndrome”! We’ve all had it and understand.
    Take care of you cause we have all got another “361 days” to get through this
    year and we’ve just started!


  11. Few things in life are more stressful than moving. Thank heavens the dogs can’t talk or you’d be hearing, “Mommy, I like the old apartment so much better!” Not funny now but some day it will be. Have a great trip to Chicago and before you know it that beautiful navy sofa will arrive. Can’t wait for the pics.

  12. Moving makes a root-canal feel like a day @ the spa. I’m sorry for you Erin. I’m trying to adjust to a dark dingy flat trying to look on the positive. I’m a gal that loves cheerful surroundings & even though like you, this is possibly temporary, it just doesn’t seem to help the sad factor. Give me some glam & gold!!! Hope all goes well in Chicago. Perhaps we both need some rose coloured glasses?

  13. Today, I found out my roomie has lost her only source of income. This means I’m responsible for all the bills and the rent. I would kick her out and get someone else, but she’s my mother. FML.

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