Fashion Friday: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Welcome to winter, people!!! It’s now officially puffy coat weather which typically means fashion goes a bit by the wayside becasue we spent a chunk of our days trudging around enveloped in big down parkas, boots, scarves, hats and the like.  Bu staying warm doesn’t mean not looking cute. I swear. Layers are certainly key, and carrying a bag bog enough to stash your gloves, hats, scarves and whatever you shed as you enter the coffee shop/office/bar so you don;t end up pissed off later int he day with only one glove!  Here’s a warm and cozy outfit to keep out the chill…. (*beauty note- while it’s expensive, I have not met anything as wonderful for my skin in the winter as Creme de la Mer. A tub can last all season as you need just a bit to keep you skin moisturized beyond belief!)


Splendid turtle neck top
$200 –

Isabella Oliver loose tank top
$29 –

Hollister co
$80 –

Goldsign skinny leg jeans
$280 –

Timberland print shoes
$200 –

Diane von Fürstenberg drawstring handbag
$1,031 –

Gucci shades
$325 –

Eugenia Kim knit beret hat
$119 –

Marc Jacobs cashmere glove
$115 –

TopShop zebra scarve
$32 –

La Mer Creme De La Mer, 8.5 Oz.
$875 –


  1. I’m so glad I’m a Southerner :) But just out of curiosity – what kind of socks do you wear under your tall boots? If it’s snowing, I try to wear my (one pair of) cashmere socks, because they’re about the only thing that will keep my feet warm and wick the sweat (it happens). I adore that beret!

  2. My puffy coat made its debut this week, and I have never been so deeply thankful for an item of clothing. It kept me SO warm despite the truly abysmal temperatures. I also think they make them fairly fashionably now– mine has a belt and a furry hood, and at least in my mind I think it’s chic :)

  3. November and December I’m usually jealous of the “winter people” getting to post about all the cute fall & winter wear. But right now, with weekend reservations at a cute beach hotel just a 1/2 hour away, I’m actually glad to be able to wear a swimming suite, shorts, and sandals all weekend long. I’m ready for sand and sun!! I can still use the sunglasses Erin posted about.

  4. Adorable. Love the boots, scarf and the DVF handbag. I got her Harper Laurel top handle in neon orange for Christmas.

  5. I have never tried La Mer, but a friend recently turned me onto Coconut Oil (like $6 from Whole Foods) for my face and I have to say that it has never looked better. My skin is super sensitive, can experience colossal hormonal breakouts on a regular basis, and is extremely dry in the winter, but that seems to be a thing of the past. I slather it on right after I get out of the shower and my skin just drinks it in. True story.

    One last thing; CJ try to see the forest through the trees and lighten up. Most of us Bostonians would agree that good manners is held far more sacred than pointing out someone’s trivial blunder.

    Happy Friday Erin!

  6. I have used La Mer for a few years now and there is nothing that compares in the cold winter months! Love the outfit…I have a red skinny jean that I wear now with sweater and boots. Come spring – a cute tee and flats or wedges!

  7. Love it all! California weather doesn’t allow me to wear all of those lovely items at once, but if I lived back east I’d be all over them. :)

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