1. Love it Erin! Thanks for the mid afternoon laugh, just what I need before I dig into my drafting homework!

  2. If you haven’t watched Veronica Mars, do it. She is amazing in it, the show is amazing and you will love her always forever even more.

  3. It is beyond hilarious. Even after you turn it off, you just keep laughing. What an honest moment of joy and happiness.

  4. I just have to say this chick has always ben a little too perky for my taste, but this totally redeems her in my eyes. I can now watch her new series on HBO with Don Cheedle.

  5. My favorite part is how the heck did she know the sloth was there??? Hilarious, sentimental, and blatantly honest…great find…..Kristen Bell is is a good sport…Ellen really f’d with her 3-7 scale! -JR

  6. That really is hysterical! I laughed so hard! I never knew what a riot Kristin Bell was. I think I’m liking this girl. I mean, to share a moment like that with millions of people- One has to have a pretty special sense of humour. Thanks for the laugh Erin!

  7. I saw this yesterday and I completely agree with you. I am now a big Kristen Bell fan. The girl is beyond cute. And, the fact that she was able to crack up Ellen, I think is big! Thanks for sharing….and I hope that you are doing well.

  8. Oh my gosh, I cried when watching this clip! It is hilarious, and definitely makes me want to be friends with Kristen Bell. I love it!

  9. Thanks Erin, that was SO good! My abs are screaming from the pain of laughing after yesterdays workout. So funny, so painful. xo

  10. THANK YOU for sharing this! I didn’t have any strong feelings about Kristen Bell before but now I LOVE her and can completely relate to her emotional scale. I too am basically bawling if I’m anywhere below 3 and over 7!

  11. I saw it yesterday, also! I’ve never been a Kristen Bell fan, but she definitely went up a couple of notches after this interview. So funny!

  12. I thought this was so funny. Did you also know that, unless there is another elements of style blog, you were a jeopardy question? I cant remember the details or category but I believe the answer was “unique” but I am sure you can find out from the producers if you didnt already know…I was so excited to “know” someone famous!

  13. OMG, LMAO. Cackling in my home office. Must show husband when he gets home. Kristin is so fearless. Her last line was priceless. I can’t tell if I love her or Ellen more.

  14. Saw this on Ellen. My husband happened to walk in the room and the two of us just howled. Kristin is adorable! So glad you posted it.

  15. Oh my goodness, this made me cry with laughter! She is insane in the sweetest possible way. Sometimes I cry when people talk about big spiders, but that’s actually embarrassing. Not cure like this!

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