Luggage to Love

As I spend today moving/organizing/freaking out I wanted to leave you all with some delicious luggage and accessories from local designers Ame & Lulu! Be it a chic case for your yoga mat, golf clubs or a bag to smush several outfit options into for a weekend away, I am j’adoring the prints and details on these babies! Don’t you agree?


  1. Hi Erin:

    The site looks weird in Firefox on my mac. The Header is with old banner with the new banner over it. I have refreshed, etc and it’s still not looking right.

  2. These are great and SO affordable. I just went crazy on Pinterest last after searching weekender bags. This will definitely need to be added! :)

  3. Good luck on the move! I have a similar situation coming up very soon, share your anxiety, but welcome change this year. Good luck!! And…I’d like one of each of those bags!

  4. I agree they are nice, but buyer beware! What is advertised as LEATHER handles is in fact pleather, which makes the city tote feel cheap. I had to return mine and lose out on shipping both ways because of that fact.

  5. Ignore my previous comment. i just looked at their website again and they’ve finally changed it to read faux leather. I would soooo buy it again if it were real leather.

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