Paris on the Brain

Remember that Grange Furniture contest I won? Well that prize was a trip to Paris and I leave next week for it! I can;t believe I’m headed back there and get to show my Dad around Paris for his first time ever! I’ve been so busy that I have not had much time to think about it, but beginning yesterday my brain started floating towards all things en francais. French style always inspires me, and the images from L’Hotel Particulier have haunted me for months (chock out the site).  Located in Provence, it’s style is so amazing and simple, traditional yet modern and totally ME!

Images via Cote de Texas & Mr. & Mrs. Smith

But back to the City of Light- I really love the images I found by Etsy photographer Vita Nostra. Fantastic scenes from various parts of Paris.

As I panic about what to pack (it’s going to be cold!) I put together two outfits I wish i could bring with me!

For daytime walking (which I did about 8 hours of daily the last time I was in Paris…)

Paris Day

CALYPSO ST BARTH cashmere cable knit sweater
$199 –

Plaid cape
$178 –

Hudson Jeans low rise jeans
$350 –

Seamless camisole
$9.99 –

Frye low heel boots
$698 –

Zippered tote bag
£1,389 –

Jennifer Zeuner gold charms pendant
$309 –

Dita sunglasses
$375 –

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine
$33 –

And for dinner out at night….

Paris Nights

Miss Selfridge block dress
£39 –

Moschino Cheap Chic collarless jacket
$658 –

Fogal tight
€26 –

Tory Burch clutch handbag
£290 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs sparkle jewelry
$48 –

H M cuff jewelry
£6.99 –

Dior ‘Rock Coat’ Topcoat
$20 –

APERLAI 2 Coloured Suede Leather Booties
€244 –


  1. Once Paris gets in your blood, you’re never quite the same again. It’s probably my most favorite place on the planet. Sigh. Enjoy every moment and I look forward to reading about it and seeing your gorgeous pictures!

  2. I am so jealous of your trip, I am sure you are going to have an amazing time. If you can sneak away from your dad for a little bit, try to check out princesse tam-tam ( They have a number of locations in Paris and they carry adorable lingerie and swimsuits. I always stock up when I am there. Also be sure to check out Maje and Zadig et Voltaire, they have some very beautiful and interesting pieces.

  3. Love the “would love to pack” post! It would be fun to see how you translate that into what you actually do pack using items you own.

  4. I am soooo excited for you! Take lots of pictures, can’t wait to see your posts when you get back. Definitely bring those riding boots – I brought mine on my trip there in November and wore them the entire time!!! Walked so much I didn’t have to worry about all the cheese and bread I was eating :-)

  5. Hi Erin,

    Congrats! A fashion tip, go to Le Bonn Marche and buy a hair clip from Alexander De Paris – those are the only banana clips a woman should wear. Stopping by Laduree is a must! And if you can go to City Pharma in Saint Germain and pick up a tube of Homeoplasmine – and if you’re feeling generous pick up a tube for me. An ex was supposed to have brought one back for me, but alas lamely said he forgot to give it to me after he had it in his suitcase months later….

    Have a blast!!!

  6. I will be in Paris next week as well! I am attending the Maison Objet show for the first time, and my first trip to Paris! Enjoy your trip!

  7. You are going to have such a good time. Pack lightly and chicly. And how cool that you get to go with your dad!


  8. Going to Paris is definitely near the top of my bucket list. Enjoy every moment in the City of Light – can’t wait to read all about your trip! Have the best time with your dad!


  9. I love the new look of your blog! LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY!!!! Paris is on my life’s list : ) Enjoy and please post lots of pics so we can live vicariously through you!

    TIP: Get the Translate app for your Iphone. It is awesome it translates perfectly- it’s free (Google Translate)

    Profiter de votre voyage!!! (Enjoy your trip- I useYd the app)

  10. The last time I was in Paris, I stayed in a room about the size of my laundry room and not as nice. This is some fancy get-away! Have the time of your like. I’m sure you’ll look great, not matter what you wear!

  11. I can’t believe I’m leaving a comment. I read a lot of blogs, including yours, and I’ve never left a comment. But, I just have to tell you that you are just so much fun. It’s posts like these that make me feel like I just had a night in with girlfriends, a few bottles of wine, and a chick flick. And, while that may sound incredibly cheesy (because it is), no girl has ever walked away from a night like that with anything but a huge smile and a warm heart. Reading a post on fashion ideas for a day and a night spent in paris, feels the same. Love your blog. Happy for your success.

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