Scenes from a Week(end)

MY last week and weekend has been INSANITY. I moved, took a biz trip to Chicago the next day for a night, came back to more apartment decorating/settling and some client work.

The guest room is coming along, I love the marble mantle and my new IKEA bed and Jill Rosenwald rug– but most of all I was psyched about this adorable skeepskin stool I found at Diseno Bos– handmade in Patagonia and so friggin’ cool!

My bedroom is coming along nicely- we painted the walls Elephant Skin by Behr and I LOOOOOOVE it. Popped up drapes from IKEA, reupholstered my bench in a Duralee leopard print and put down my eBay heriz rug! The bedding is linen coral border by Lands End I previously blogged about- while it’s a HUGE duvet and gets quite wrinkly, I love the weight and the color.

Andrew built our first fire in the fireplace (and watched football). We have no couch or chairs yet and the dogs are PISSED.

I have been wearing this Kate Spade locket my mom got me for Xmas all the time! I keep anxiety meds in it, naturally.

I stayed at the fabulous James Hotel in Chicago. Loved it.

In between meetings my friend and I had amazing lattes at Julius Meinl. Yum. And how great are those mugs?

I got to see Jayson Home & Garden in person! Such a lovely shop I’ve been sourcing from for years online.

These pillows for a client’s sunroom came out AMAZING. I didn’t want to part with them!

How gorgeous is the coffee table top from Mohr & McPherson? Such an amazing print!


  1. Sounds like a crazy but good week! Your place is already looking so cozy – I’m actually amazed how much you guys have gotten done already! Glad you enjoyed Chicago, Jayson Home & Garden is pretty close to my condo and I just love going there – you can literally spend hours in that store, so much to see!

  2. What a week! Everything looks lovely. I will search through your archives because you might have already addressed this BIG issue, but what’s your take on televisions over the mantle? This is a source of intense debate between my husband and myself!

  3. We moved back from Vienna this summer and have total Meinl withdrawal – you HAVE to see the original in Vienna. I had not idea they were randomly in Chicago but you can bet where I’ll be drowning my homesickness on my next work trip to chicago, thanks for the tip!

  4. Your new place looks AMAZING (especially impressive considering you just moved in!). I contemplated that Lands End bedding, but couldn’t stray from my all white look :)

  5. Your home is coming along so well, and in no time at all! That stool is pretty much the sweetest thing ever, and love all of your budget friendly additions {the Ikea bed, whoa!}. Happy you enjoyed your trip to Chicago! Jayson H+G is my favorite.

  6. Is that marble mantle even REAL? It is insanely amazing! I literally love it. And the little stool is so cute and different! Plus I love the rug. Any guest of your’s is going to be very happy with that setup!

  7. WOW – thanks for sharing. Your locket touched my heart… your mother seems special and wonderful!

    The home is looking amazing… what a great job… just remember, baby steps. But I don’t think I need to tell you that, do I!

    Have a great week….

  8. I’m a loyal reader, but an infrequent commenter. I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and admire your style. You’ve mentioned before that you don’t have the budget that your clients have. I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to see affordable items in such a stylish home. It gives me hope that my home can look great even on a tiny budget. thanks!

  9. Erin your place looks adorbs! It makes me miss Boston, again you made me laugh out loud – love your locket :-) Can’t wait to see more of your apartment. Oh and I also want to go shopping with you in Chicago, always wanted to go to Jayson, looks like fun!

  10. Erin, I love your style and get so much inspiration from it. We are going to be moving and I am really excited about some ideas for our new home. So many of which I get from you. Can’t wait to see more pictures of your new place. Thanks again for sharing

  11. Little puffball stool is really adorable. Love your bed… and the guest room. Thanks for sharing Chicago info. Frequent change of address means you get the opportunity to design a new space!

  12. You have done all THAT? I’m super impressed. Your new home is beautiful. I hope you grow to really love it there.


  13. Your bedroom looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing your budget-friendly sources! Did you get the hardware for the drapes at ikea?

  14. What a perfectly magnificient weekend!! Lucky you, having a man who doesn’t mind building a fire while watching the game (I’m fully dying over that fireplace…marble?). The apartment is looking gorgeous.

  15. Your place looks adorable- I’m excited to see what you are going to do with your new home. That mantle in the Guest Bedroom is divine, Swoon!

  16. Absolutely love your blog Erin and follow regularly. I live in Boston (South End) and happen to have the same exact marble mantel as pictured in your guest room. Best of luck with your new home!

  17. Your bedroom looks like it’s on its way to looking chic and very cozy! I love the details on the rug. And what a great trip to Chicago!

  18. Sounds like it’s been a crazy week, but something tells me you do your best work under pressure. The new apartment is looking lovely! Look forward to more pics. Isn’t Elephant Skin by Behr fantastic? We used it on our kitchen cabinets and the result was pretty fabulous.

  19. Erin, I was feeling for you, I really was, with your whole moving story. I know how it feels to move into something less than spectacular. But girl, chin up, that place looks fab! And you’ve done such a wonderful job of it already! I mean, fireplaces, gorgeous mouldings and large windows is not bad for a temporary rental no?? I’m pretty damn impressed anyway.

    Funny thing also: I stayed at the James Hotel NYC only about a week ago – love their quirky but impeccable and down to earth service!

  20. LOVE what you’ve done so far – both bedrooms are amazing! And I have to have that precious little stool (my husband will hate it too ;) )

  21. Oh I am so glad things seem to be picking up a bit…am totally mad about that locket, and of course its even better that you keep anxiety meds there! Bless you, you fabulous woman! And thanks for putting your heart on your sleeve to share your story. Its so refreshing to learn about a talented woman who isnt afraid to let strangers behind the shiny facade, and lets the fabulous wonky bits share the stage too. Probably what makes your designs so appealing, too. Its so great renters can paint their homes there. Here in Australia we have to get permission to hang a picture! Take care you fabulous chick. And thanks.xx

  22. Erin- Loved your bed side table lamp. Any recs for cool and affordable lamps for your side tables in the bedroom? Every gourd lamp that I love is well over $500+.

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