Sponsor Welcome & Giveaway: Bungalow 5

In the number of years I’ve been designing homes there are a few vendors whose goods I come back to over and over. One of those is Bungalow 5,  Their furniture and accessories are forever favorites for me and so i was SUPER psyched that they wanted to become an EOS sponsor… AND do a killer giveaway with me for all of you!

Up for grabs- a pair of these amazing lamps, the Angelica.  Can’t you just imagine them on an entry console of dining room buffet, because I sure can!

Seriously rad, no?  All you have to do is like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter and leave a comment below!

While I’m at it I’d love to show you some of my favorites from them…


  1. forgot to say where I would use them, how about my dining room on a new cabinet I want, I call it perfect timing!

  2. I am rebuilding my home office after I lost my entire basement to the 2011 Hurricane Irene. So I would definitely use them there since I am taking this opportunity to update the look of my office to a chic-retro-modern style!

  3. I’ve been wanting these lamps–fabulous. WOuld look great in my new place-I’m loving lots of white right now!

  4. Beauties! I think they’d actually be perfect on an oversized nightstand! Hope you’re enjoying Paris!

  5. holy moley that’s a lot of entries! fingers crossed anyways :) i already follow them on twitter and FB. I would place those lamps in my all white bedroom!

  6. Have always been a fan (in general and more recently on Facebook). Would LOVE these lamps in my living room!

  7. Love the lamps: pristine, lush, elegant. I’d put them on a console table in my entry hall and sit and look at them for hours.

  8. i love these lamps when are you announcing the winner??? i can’t wait anymore i want to win these! i LOVE bungalow5!!!!!

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