A Southern/ Parisian Wedding

I seriously almost dropped to the floor in a seizure yesterday when one of my e-design clients (yes, we do that–A LOT, actually) emailed me that her wedding was featured in the Southern Living Weddings available now.  We knew this couple loved Parisian style since they had their first date IN Paris (seriously, how romantic is that?) and we are using that as a jumping off point for the decor of their home.  But to see THIS really solidified the look we are going for- casual Parisian elegance with a smidge of Southern goodness.  The incredibly personal event took place at Tuckahoe Plantation in Richmond, Virginia (the groom’s family homestead-I die) and was chock full of amazing details like the fact that the bride learned to letterpress to make her own invites, her ring is a family heirloom from the groom’s family, her father married them and they drove off in a turquoise Mustang that the bride and her father spent a year restoring when she was 15. I can’t make this up, people!

Without further ado…(all photos by Katie Stoops)

Note the toile… and the insane rings.

Could not love the color of the porch ceiling more.

See- the toile on the envelope liners. Simple and perfect. Especially all those stamps!

Really loving the pink stripe ties- and the varying greys int he suits on the groomsmen. Much appreciated by them I’m sure to not have to buy/rent a suit.  And it looks good to boot!

Say WHAT?!

This is where I start flipping out…

GAH! Perfection!

Toile lined gift boxes with Parisian macarons!!!

Could they BE any cuter?


Those tin cans are covered in blue toile. Oh yes they are!

I can’t wait to show you their place once it’s done! :)


  1. Perfection. I beg you to please show us their home. With style like this, I cannot wait to see their home decor.

  2. Gorgeous – love that table set up! I love how the bride doesn’t look too overdone – just beautiful.

  3. I’m not really into the Southern thing and I even think that is gorgeous. I love all the tables set up around the dance floor. It allows all the elder people a chance to get to see the young ones dancing. And that Mustang takes me back to high school. My first car was a 1966 silver blue Mustang. I wish I still had it.

  4. i *die*!

    that table set up is the cleverest thing I’ve seen in a LONG time, and loving the toile – so different to every other ‘vintage-esque/hippy’ wedding on all the current blogs.

    May their marriage be as perfect as this day!

  5. The Tuckahoe Plantation is actually Thomas Jefferson’s boyhood home, so if that is his family’s homestead then that’s very impressive. Living in Richmond I have been to a handful of weddings at the plantation, but the personalization of this one takes the cake. I can’t get over the invites and places settings…they are absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. The Tuckahoe Plantation is actually Thomas Jefferson’s boyhood home, so if that is his family’s homestead then that’s very impressive. Living in Richmond, I have been to a handful of weddings at the plantation, but the personalization of this one takes the cake. I can’t get over the invites and places settings…they are absolutely gorgeous!!

  7. So pretty! I second Dawn Marie. I would love to see how this translates into the decor of their home. I’m thinking toile may be making an appearance.

  8. Southern style + Parisian flourishes=Perfection. If the bride styled this wedding this herself, I am impressed!

  9. Hmmm. we live outside of Richmond (and, I LUV Southern Living) and, my porch ceiling is “haint blue”…can’t wait for more… franki

  10. Really Beautiful. I never thought I would say this, but can I re-do my wedding??

    And the porch ceiling color is a southern thing. We have the same color on our porch ceilings in FL. Apparently, they were originally painted that color to keep wasps and other bugs from making their nests there… the color apparently makes them think that is the sky. It works too- We have no bugs on our porches.

  11. VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! I love an outdoor anything at night but the simplicity of a dinner with long tables and night lights. to use your term I. Die.

  12. I attended several events at Tuckahoe Plantation while living in Richmond years ago…it is as beautiful as it appears in the pictures. Thank you for sharing

  13. I love it! We got married in May on a lowcountry plantation and had touches of navy and white toile, my sweet flower girls even had toile sashes! Perfection!

  14. Words are failing me. I am head over heels! The couple is gorgeous and this wedding is just beyond. So classy, so amazing and timeless and beautiful and romantic. Seriously, seriously out of this world.

  15. THANK YOU! We are so honored to have one of our events featured on your blog. Heather and Addison were dream clients and we had a wonderful time infusing their personal style and love story into their celebration.

    Our many thanks for such sweet comments! We’re blushing!

    Amber Karson Events

  16. Does this bride have a blog or link? I’d love to see more of her style. Thanks for sharing, you have wonderful style as well of course!

  17. This is insane amazing! I had a blue and white wedding and I’m so glad I didn’t see this before I got married. It is so beautiful and so many personal touches. Very lovely! Can’t wait to see what you do with their place!

  18. The blue porch ceiling is something they do everywhere here in New Orleans. I’ve been told that it helps the birds relax and find their way out when they fly under the porch, but I’m sure there’s another reason. So beautiful!

  19. It makes me want to re-do my wedding too. Or maybe just to have been invited to THAT one. Gorgeous. So elegant, but also so simply done too.


  20. So beautiful. For a moment I thought you were going to say she was married @ my husbands family farm, Hayes Plantation in Edenton, NC. The first photo looks just like it. She’s clearly a talented Girl, excited to see what y’all come up with. xo

  21. That’s perfection and it reminds me of my friend Singleton in the Kitchen’s wedding in California this past September. It was simple, elegant and breath taking in the detials JSUT like this!

  22. Shut your mouth!! Erin, do you know how amazing this wedding was!? Obviously you do but I am soooo blown away! And jealous. I love it! Every last detail!!!

  23. I was literally at Tuckahoe Plantation this past Saturday!!! We were scouting locations for my brother’s rehearsal dinner (his fiance is family friends with the owners) and the groom’s mother was telling us all about this wedding!! What a coincidence that its on your blog today and she is your client! It is a BEAUTIFUL property and the family is amazing for devoting themselves to this historic home. The bride has amazing taste as well!!! Please do share the design work you are doing for them in their home!

  24. I always try to avoid feeling jealous b/c one can never win that battle…but, this wedding is so fabulous and just plain amazing in every detail, that I’m left feeling…jealous!! I always say that if I had the choice to do my wedding all over again, first choice would be to do the same exact wedding :) -OR- to instead do a small & intimate beach/island thing…but, having seen this I think I’ve just changed up my thinking! Congrats to them for having such strong personal style that was showcased in their special day. Thanks for sharing the greatness.

  25. *** What a DREAM WEDDING, with SOOOO MUCH “sentimentality” involved! THAT makes for a wonnnnnderful, memorable, extra special time they’ll always remember and cherish!!! It seems from the beautiful beginning of the celebration of marriage, to beautiful finish, EVERYTHING is incredibly perfect~~~ I so enjoyed seeing n’ reading this… THANKS for sharing with us!!! Can’t wait til you share their home…

    Such a DARLING COUPLE!!! Wishing them a beautiful, loving marriage and life together,

    Linda in AZ *
    [email protected]

  26. They are such a lovely couple, and they must have had a great wedding planner! Beautiful wedding. Wishing them all the best! Thanks for sharing those pictures. Nanette in NY.

  27. my husband and i were also married at tuckahoe in april 2009 – i thought our wedding was perfect, but this is absolutely gorgeous! i love the set up in front of the home… just beautiful!

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