Fashion Friday: Blog Crush

I will admit, I don’t read a ton of blogs. I am so busy writing mine (and designing homes and working on a zillion other projects) that maybe once a week I have time to check in with my favorites.  And recently I’ve been ALL over This Is Not New for fashion inspiration.  It’s a simple tumblr site just chock full of some of the best fashion imagery.  I really want to focus a little on my closet this year, and making sure it’s edited down and only full of things I really love of good quality. Kinda like what these girls’ closets all probably look like. :)

You can check out some of my favorite basics I’d love to acquire on my Beso site….


  1. Well there was so much I loved about the fashions, but I really want most of all is that dog! I love any dog with the black, mahogany, and/or white colors; Rottweilers (which is what I have), Beagles, American Foxhounds, Coonhounds. So cute! A lot of Hermes popping up in those pictures – nice.

  2. Not a huge fan of “This Is Not New”. It’s all skinny jeans on skinny girls in vertiginous heels. The same styles (and many of the same people) Scott Schuman and Garance Doré prefer.

  3. Ehhh, they are tall,skinny and well put together, but kind of Drab (except Olivia P). I really like Atlantic Pacific – she always looks fun and she is gorgeous!

  4. Oh I love Olivia Palermo! What a style icon for our generation! What I wouldn’t do to be we-share-everything best friends with her!

    As for the photos, I LOVE everything but I especially love that black and white bag in the second to last photo!

  5. I love any fashion blog I can get my eyes on these days. I am also in need of editing my closet. As much as I love clothes, I “feed bad” for some of the items that I don’t get to wear as often.
    Also, somebody please explain to me how all these girls can afford that Celine bag. Please and thank you.

  6. There closets might be full, but their cupboards/fridges must all be bare!

    I love me some good fashion, but what I’ve learned from these photos is that I must stop eating at once!

  7. oh, so that’s how you do it all. i find it so hard to keep up with my favorite blogs, comment and post to my own blog. oh, and raise my three year old child. and have connections with people i know in real life.

    but yes, this is not new seems quite inspiring for fashion. i need to clean up my closet as well, that is, if i can find the time.

  8. I too am working to perfect a well curated closet of stuff only that I love… It’s tough!!
    Covering one of those Celine totes!

  9. I know everyone is obsessed with the Celine totes, but they so DO NOT do it for me. First off, they are huge. Not a good huge… and second, I dunno… I just hate that shape. The mini ones look so weird and child like.

    On the other hand, I love every other single item celine makes. Yum.

  10. That pic of today on abc carpet & home was AWFUL! You’re trying to project something that you don’t have. Geez, and those teeth! WTHELL! You need to visit Dr. Lowenberg asap!


  11. I pinned the same painting last week too…love them! I go back and forth between bold colors and neutrals in my own work, these paintings are inspiring me to go for the bold.

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