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I cannot tell you how many people ask me how to hang a good gallery wall.  While I do them for clients a lot, I can’t quite fly out to help all of you (unfortunately so, would be fun) so in comes this GENIUS idea that a client of mine sent me that I had to share.  The Picture Wall Company sells sets of frames (chose your finish) along with grids for marking out where to hang each one on the wall.  You simply print the photos at the size to fit each frame and VOILA! You can use multiple sets, change the layout to go up stairs walls and so on.  This is so helpful for those who don’t want to just wing it like I do. It’s been said many times, but gallery walls are such a great way to display tons of family photos without cluttering surfaces with stand up frames (which is a pet peeve of mine).  I put them in in nearly every project and my own last three homes have had them up in various spots (first in the foyer, then in the dining area of the loft and now in the hallway- pics to come!)

Some images form the site of the product in action…

A clean grid look great in spaces like kitchens and hallways…

(via HERE)

If you prefer a varied look, you could always replace a couple frames with organic shapes items like letters, vintage items or other antique frames like in this image from Pottery Barn below.

Instead of all photos, mix in colorful art prints in some of the frames too

(via Domino)

(via HERE)

This stupid blanket haunts my dreams….

This would take a lot of patience. And time.

(via HERE)

In other news, after weeks and weeks of waiting my new Duralee navy velvet sofa arrived yesterday. It’s amazing how grateful I am to have a sofa again after 3 weeks of living without one.  AND the thing is pretty darn rad. I was super nervous because if you follow me on Twitter, you know I was having major anxiety about going with the navy velvet vs grey linen.  it was like trying to decide between Harvard and Yale.  Or Ryan Gosling and a basket of puppies. I went with the riskier choice and I think it looks really FUN. I contrast welted it in navy linen to mix up the texture a bit and give it cleaner lines.  While it is now obvious to me that I need to invest in a lifetime supply of lint rollers, I do love it.  Will post pics once the room is done!

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  1. I could have used this structure/organization before I attempted adding to my gallery wall this weekend. I think it now looks off balance– perhaps I should get this and start fresh!

  2. That last photo is bonkers! I’ve been trying to do more of this at my house, but my husband isn’t on board. Adding other items makes him give my plan an even bigger stink eye! Oh, boys. Sometimes they feel like such a lost cause.

    I also saw the photo of your new sofa and LOVE it. The fabric on one of our couch cushions just gave up on us resulting in a giant tear that just keeps growing. Ugh. Not that I’m terribly upset as the couch wasn’t very good and it’s lasted us 14 years and 3 moves. I was considering a new one like yours right up until the lifetime investment in lint rollers. I have 3 dachshunds and sadly they shed like mad!


  3. Saw the navy couch on Twitter yesterday and it looks FABULOUS! Also, I have my own navy velvet couch (though it’s not as swank as yours) and you’re right, that thing is like a magnet for lint, but the weird thing is that I think the longer you have it, something happens to the welt and the lint isn’t such a big deal. Maybe the white flecks and dust settle into the fabric or something but it starts to look like pretty, aged velvet. Almost like a patina on butcher block countertops. Or maybe I’m just rationalizing the fact that I need to clean my couch? I don’t know, but the lint doesn’t bother me as much as it used to — I think the velvet looks better and better the longer you have it! Also, I’ve only had my couch for about 7 months.

    Happy velvet petting!!

  4. What is it with that Hermes’ blanket? I feel the same way. I was in Hermes’ Bal Harbour, FL last week. Just stood in front of all the blankets petting them and sighing.

    Some day……

  5. You gotta post a picture of your navy sofa, I can’t wait to see it, love love navy and I know you picked out a pretty one. We are in the (just looking) at sofas stage right now and I’m trying to decide between something cool like navy velvet or a really really cool distressed and tufted leather.

  6. Love gallery walls. I’m always arranging wall art, it’s one of the great pleasures of my work as an interior designer.
    Wish you a great week.

  7. i am obsessed with gallery walls (the one in my living room is slowly expanding… much to my boyfriend’s dismay!) and this is so great! thanks!

  8. fantastic idea…ive done it once on my own..and it came out pretty good i though, but many people have trouble getting this right, so this is ideal!

  9. You crack me up. That’s a good one- Would you rather…have Ryan Gosling..or a basket of puppies? It could take days to decide that one!

  10. um, ryan gosling, please. :) going to hang a gallery wall above my sofa this week. fingers crossed it works out. thanks for the inspirational photos.

  11. Yes, the Picture Wall Company offers a wonderful product! I really like the idea of interspersing pictures of other things along with boring old family and friends. Can’t wait to see your new sofa! What’s a few lint rollers amongst friends?!

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