1. Ooooh I use Baies Noir and love them! I used to think they were overpriced too but I bought a similar fragrance candle for $12 and it was used up in an afternoon. I’ve had my Diptyque for over a year. (At least that’s how I justify the purchase to myself!)

  2. Both of those are fabulous however I highly recommend you give the Stress Relief Aromatherapy Hand Soap from Bath & Body Works a try. It’s a steal at 5.50 and you will want to wash your hands every 20 minutes.

  3. I have loved the Baies candle for years. Bought my first one in Paris over ten years ago. I also like the unisex scent of L’ombre dans L’eau, also by Diptyque. Heading to Paris next week. Hope to pick some up.

  4. Love that handsoap. I bought a couple of bottles in Paris but fortunately we can buy it online.

  5. I too bought my first Baies candle about 4 years ago and love it…hmmm, think I will order one soon!!! Gotta try the hand soap though!!

  6. Hi Erin, do they sell the soap or candle anywhere besides online? I am one of those people that like to look, smell and touch before I buy. I live in Colorado. Suggestions???

  7. wow Nichols I think you have absolutely no appreciation for the simple things in life.

    “Lighting money on fire” HA!! When you put it that way…. maybe I should rethink filling my home with $70 candles! But probably not because they smell so good!

  8. I was at Home Goods yesterday and they have a bunch of the soap. It’s only about $7.00!! Such a good thing to stock up on. As for the candle discovered Baies about 10 years ago and I too am committed. LOVE!! Diana you can get the candles at HW home here in Colorado.

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