Curator’s Collection on Joss & Main Today!

I was delighted to be Joss & Main’s first Curator’s Collection designer and now it’s come full circle with my second sale which begins today at 11 a.m. EST! 9 P.M. EST!!! (oops)This time I used my previous post about “furniture men hate” as inspiration for a “what women want” sale featuring lots of accessories, lucite and the like! :)


  1. come on joss & main!! i want to see your picks!

    on another note. bought the suave dry shampoo and thanks a million for the tip! SO MUCH BETTER than the sephora brand i used to buy that left me smelling like lemon and looking powdered.

  2. You rock, Erin! Nice work!
    Also- that red and pink Ikat is sooooo beautiful. Do you know who makes it? Thanks!

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