Leafy Greens

No, not the kind you try to eat and juice everyday to hopefully look like Elle McPherson when your 48, but rather prints! Sometimes there are crazy patterns that you both love and question. Independently from seeing it in use in cool ways, I would think I would HATE Hinson’s classic banana leaf wallpaper print. A classic for certain, but such a “Grandma’s Palm Beach condo” look. YET, I am currently loving it. Why? I don’t know. But I am. Sometimes you should not question design attraction, you should just go with it.

The Beverly Hills Hotel made this print famous. I am pretty sure I need to stay there before I die.

Um, awesome much? Yes, much too much.

Nicky Hiltons dining area looks amazing with those pink and black chairs.

The April House Beautiful featured this Steven Sclaroff entry featuring the Hinson favorite.  I’d have hung a big piece of art on the right hand wall to break it up a bit. I feel like I might get attacked by a gorilla…

Jamie Meares rocked out these chairs HARD. So fun paired with a pink sofa. Oh yes, I went there. Try convincing your husband to do THAT.

A lucite and banana leaf print clutch from Charlotte Olympia. Because why leave all the fun to our walls?

Another version of this is slightly more… preppy, somehow.  Peter Dunham’s Fig Leaf print has been on my brain lately too!

Love how Lauren Liess used it as an accent in this awesome room she did!

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  1. I LOVE the banana leaf! But grandma’s house is right…that print was on the set of the Golden Girls! I still love it though, and always really have, it makes me think of Dorothy Draper interiors.

  2. Saw this wallpaper used at the Hudson store in Wellesley (now closed). They wallpapered a large section of a wall – behind a sofa – and then framed it out with white trim. It looked awesome! Just enough in my opinion.

  3. I am LOVING this lately – was just looking up similar wallpaper yesterday. I think it can go wrong so quickly though, I’m a little scared to put it up :-/

  4. I love the first fabric as well…there is just something about it that makes it more cool than grandma. I especially love it as wallpaper. I think it would help to have a very grand house so that it doesn’t swallow the place up…in other words, it would probably look silly in my 3 bedroom. I do love it though!! :)

  5. My very cool manhattan based grandmother had it in her palm springs ca condo. It’s amazing how interiors and fashion always come back into style!

  6. Ok…what is going on with the fig leaf, which I love, this is the 3rd time it has popped up lately, does that mean “go for it”!!

  7. I totally loved that hallway in House Beautiful. I’m using Albert Hadley for Hinson’s “Pocantico” on cornices for my sewing room. It’s a leafy print that’s not as graphic, more traditional (the walls are bright coral).

    Did you see that Peter Dunham used the fig leaf print to cover a table in the February House Beautiful? Argh – j’adored that!

  8. Just proves…what goes around, comes around….just takes a new generation. Using “oldie” patterns in new ways…that’s design! franki

  9. Growing up in tony Boca Raton, I saw that banana leaf wallpaper in my dad’s client’s homes All. The. Time. But I am liking it these days too, somehow am not tired of it and it feels a little… nostalgic. I like Dunham’s print better, the white space in it offers room to breathe and it rocks wherever it is used!

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