Random Monday: Monkeying Around

So over the weekend we went to see This Means War, which is meh… not terrible, not great but lots of eye candy for me (Tom Hardy) and Andrew (Reese looks AWESOME).  But before the movie there was a preview that had me all sorts of flipping out. Watch it.

Let me preface this by saying that I feel about monkeys/chimpanzees the way that Kristen Bell feels about sloths. I have wanted one FOREVER- in fact the first gift Andrew ever gave me only a couple weeks of dating was a stuffed monkey with velcro arms I could fasten about my neck. Most girls would have been horrified, but I was ecstatic and wanted to bring it out to dinner with us. Clearly I am not ashamed of my obsession.  One of the happiest moments of my life was when a little monkey sat on my head in Nevis.

So this is pretty much how it went down at the Saturday matinee….

Me: Oh my God. OH. MY. GOD.


Me: OH MY GOD! LOOK AT HIM!!! AWWWW!!! (squealing and clapping hands)

Andrew: I see him. I am sitting right here.

Me: OMMMGEEEEE- he has a branch in his mouth! Andrew, do you see that? Look how cute! Hiiiiiiiii Oscar!!!! (waving)

Me: Oh no! He looks SO SAD! Something bad is coming!

Andrew: Seriously, shhhhhh.

Me: (slaps hands over eyes) I can’t deal with this. He’s all alone. He misses his mom. WHAT’S HAPPENING???

Andrew: Honey, you have to calm down.

Me: He found a new daddy! Thank GOD! But he must still miss his mom! This is terrible!

Andrew: Uhhuh.

Me: (with steely gaze) Andrew, I have to save the chimps!

Me: They are playing like people! (hitting Andrew’s arm) Andrew, we need to save the chimps!

(Chuckles from the row behind us.)

Me: THEY’RE HUGGING??!?!? I’m going to DIE! I’m dead right now! OMG OMG OMG.Why is no one else freaking OOOOUUUTTT???!!!

Andrew: (head in hands)

I literally want to give up my whole world to go help Jane Goodall save these beautiful things. In fact halfway through Reese’s new rom-com I leaned over and whispered to Andrew “Um, I’m serious about the chimps”.  Nothing upsets me more than animal cruelty. NOTHING. I can’t even handle fake animal cruelty/sadness/ death in movies. Shoot up a bar full of humans and I won’t flinch, but hurt a dog/horse/monkey/lion/mouse and I will absolutely LOSE MY SHIT. When that Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial comes on with the beaten dog I dive behind the sofa like I’m taking on sniper fire. So while I think of ways to parlay my mediocre internet success into a way to contribute in some way to help the chimpanzees I can just encourage you ALL to go see this movie the opening week because if you do Disney will make a donation to the Jane Goodall Institute ! Maybe I’ll organize a group outing! Cocktails and chimpanzees and lots of squealing.


  1. I just wanted you to know that I feel EXACTLY the same way! Even if it is fake, it actually hurts my heart. I will lose it! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Sometimes I want to reach through the screen and give you a big hug, because I think you need it. Remember, you CAN DO ANYTHING! We are all in your corner! Now, let’s go save some ANIMALS!

  2. Hahaha you made my morning, I feel the same way. When Jane Goodall visited my boarding school, I almost crapped my pants. I prob would’ve if she had brought a chimpanzee with her!

  3. We have 2 rabbits so any time I see wild or domestic rabbits I loose my mind. The worst ‘episode’ recently was that we were looking at homes and one of the reasons we could not live there was because the would be neighbor had a rabbit in a cage outside… big no no! I stood at the window trying to figure out how to get over the fence qucikly to resuce it. The realtor was a little confused as I was telling BF that I could prob run around the house and if he had the car running I could make it…

    chimps and cocktials. perfect combo

  4. I’m totally the same way. Commercial comes on for saving orphans in Africa and I don’t flinch. Sarah McLachlan commerical comes on for abused dogs and I LOSE MY FREAKING MIND. We were watching “Gone with the Wind” this weekend and my husband actually commented that he couldn’t believe I liked the movie because there’s a horse that dies in it.

  5. OMG, are we twins? I went to see the same movie and said virtually the same thing to my hubs. As soon as the preview started I mumbled, “oh, I am SO going to see that one even if I have to go alone”. But now I think I’ll throw a cocktails & chimpanzees view party and raise some $ for Ms. Jane.

  6. Oh Erin, I am with ya! I’ve been a vegetarian for the last decade because of it. But you have to see this; it’s the cutest place ever: http://gentlebarn.org/index.php. They have photos of things like chickens and goats cuddling. “The Gentle Barn is currently home to 130 animals who are rescued from severe abuse, neglect or slaughter. Once the animals are rehabilitated they stay at the barn for the rest of their lives and serve as ambassadors helping to heal abused children. The Gentle Barn is host to kids in foster care, on probation, in gangs, on drugs and from the inner city, as well as school groups and special needs kids and adults. Through the interactions with the animals and their stories, kids learn kindness, compassion, confidence and reverence for all life.”

  7. Oh, that preview! I saw it a couple months ago and just sat there like “this is the saddest but most adorable thing on earth.” I don’t know if I can handle more than the 2 minute preview…. Poor baby :(

  8. I lost it when I read “now he’s alone” on the screen. Not sure I can handle at the theaters but will try to see it in the privacy of my home so I can cry like a baby without causing a scene. I just love the last picture!

  9. I have tears in my eyes and a pit in my stomach! BEST PREVIEW EVER! completely obsessed…. I have already asked my hasband if we can go get one! ( answer…firm NO honey) Thank you for sharing…. I will be seeing this and dragging the hubby ( going to have to watch some 3d star trek or wars or something but it will be worth it!)

  10. This totally made me laugh out loud at work this morning… by far the best blog post ever. I saw that exact preview this weekend and was almost in tears. My boyfriend thought I was crazy. Your play-by-play dialogue between you and your husband is priceless.

    I am a monkey/chimp lover myself. I can totally relate.

    Have a great week!

  11. You made me laugh–I will absolutely go with you to see this movie. I’ll bring lots of kleenex!!!

  12. I have an absolute obsession with monkeys as well. When I was in early middle school I saw a girl with a monkey at the mall. It was all wrapped up in a blanket like a little baby. I then proceeded to look in the paper everyday and finally convinced my parents to go look at them from a women who was selling them. Best day ever! It was amazing. I quickly realized that it isn’t practical as they can live over 40 years and that more importantly, they aren’t meant to live in a home but to be free in the wild. I’m so looking forward to Earth Day though!

  13. Good grief, that trailer had me in tears! They have such human-like qualities, it’s remarkable. That clip can be added to the list of evidence supporting evolution. Oscar’s expressions, playfulness, and curiosity mimic that of a human toddler – it’s uncanny. Thanks for sharing!

  14. OH MY GOSH I literally have just been laughing out loud for the past five minutes in my office. I went and saw “Hugo” (for the second time) this weekend and literally cried on and off for the rest of the day because Oscar’s family left him/died (wasn’t sure exactly what the deal with that was). I set a calendar date on my iPhone for April 20th to remind myself to see that movie over the weekend. And yes, I too have an insane obsession with all types of monkeys (including a stuffed monkey my boyfriend bought me 4 years ago which I still sleep with every night and may or may not take with me on my business trips). If you want to go to Africa to help Jane, I am in!

  15. Amen!! I feel the same way about animals. I also have to fight tears every time I see a guide dog.

  16. OMG – this is me in a nutshell. I sent this post to my husband to prove I am not the only one like this. Um, have you seen the new True Grit? The horse scene? Nearly lost it. Also Water for Elephants – another recent one I couldn’t handle. I have to grab my dog and hold him when these things come on.

  17. You do know about Chimp Haven in Shreveport, LA., don’t you? You should see if you can spend a couple of days volunteering there.

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  19. I feel the same way about animals. I could watch you kill 100’s of people on tv or in the movies but can’t watch Dumbo, Bambi or any thing where n animal gets hurt, is sad or god forbid, dies.

  20. Funny, I laughed at the comments thinking how different my life is…I too was at the movies this weekend – but, with 5 kids (mine and a neighbor), to see The Lorax. I missed the previews because I had to maneuver from the popcorn counter with the triplets and a tray of food and drinks, oh, and 3 booster seats only to find my 11 year old and his friend in row #2. So, thanks for sharing the preview. Will def go see. Btw, that Kristen Bell (on Ellen) clip was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen and and pretty endearing at the same time.

  21. Geez! I’m crying over a movie trailer! Totally understand how you feel Erin (and my husband understands how Andrew feels – I get a little too excited about animals, and I embarrass him by talking during movies).
    Thanks for sharing this!

  22. I always say…everything is better with a monkey! Loved the trailer,but then loved it 100% more with your commentary!
    Love your blog!!!
    Thanks for sharing

  23. I haven’t even watched the trailer yet, but I was so moved and absolutely giddy
    by what you wrote. I respond in the exact same way to all creatures. If I could
    I would try to save every animal I could. Sometimes I worry that I have animal
    hoarding in my future. lol. Now I will watch the trailer, see if I can get through it without a tissue. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Oh my goodness, I saw the trailer for this before We Bought a Zoo and starting tearing up! I must go see it!!!

  25. There is an IMAX movie playing at the Museum of Natural History that you’d LOVE. Title is something like “Born To Be Wild” and is narrated by Morgan Freeman. Follows two animal rescue organizations – elephants in Kenya and orangutans in Borneo. Heartwarming!

  26. Wow! This is me in an absolute nutshell! I laughed at your depiction of yourself, because I too have made the same statements when it comes to any animal movies, commercials and TV shows…yet humans, not so emotional about. And then I teared up at the preview, omg! what an adorable little monkey! If I were living in Boston, I would definitely be tagging along for chimps and cocktails! Thanks for sharing!

  27. So cute! If you haven’t read Ape House by Sara Gruen – I recommend it. And, there’s an ADORABLE kids picture book called “Hug” by Jez Alborough that you should check out next time you’re at the bookstore :)

  28. My feelings EXACTLY! There’s probably nothing I wouldn’t do to save a little animal and I’d beat the crap out of anyone I saw hurting one. But humans? Nah. And I’m a nurse, so what does that tell you? And every time that darned Sarah M. commercial comes on, first I cry and then I have to find my kitten and hug and kiss her. After a few glasses of wine one night, I got online and pledged a monthly donation to the ASPCA. Most responsible drunken decision I ever made!! P.S. I TRULY love your blog! My absolute favorite!

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