Favorite FindsMarch 14, 2012

Sponsor Welcome: DIY Fireplace Mantels

There is little that excites me more in a home than amazing woodwork- especially fireplaces and moulding.  I seriously spaz out whenever I go into a home that has tons of crown moulding and the like.  In fact I bought my last home based entirely on wood paneling, built ins and moulding. I know, ridiculous. And in retrospect, a bad decision. I blame my father for this addiction.  A lot of new construction or 70’s-80’s built homes are lacking in this arena and the NUMBER ONE thing you can do to a space with zero character is add a nice clean fireplace mantel and tons of trim work!  Which is why I am happy to have DIY Fireplace Mantels & Mouldings as  a sponsor.  You can buy a classic, solid hardwood mantel to replace a heinous one- paint it white, glossy black or a gorgeous grey and then add the moulding kits to match (vrown, chair rail, baseboard- the whole shebang)!  Easy as pie- and the site even has how-to guides on it to help you (or your handy significant other) with the work!

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