Charleston in Pictures

What can I say about Charleston?  What a charming, darling, GORGEOUS little city! My mom and I got lost in the houses, greenery, gates and streets of every little corner.

This is the place to come if you need incredibly expensive antiques. :)

Everywhere you look there is something stunning.

Popped in South of Market– such a lovely shop.

Someone was setting up for a shower or party at the house at left- it was straight out of Martha Stewart!

I am OBSESSED with half addresses.

Ate at Husk- amazing. The bar is equally so inside!

One of the prettiest graveyards ever- with some INCREDIBLE fonts in ironwork!

I may need to move.


  1. lovely photos. I loved when we visited Savannah because of all the beautiful gates, tiny houses, hidden corners, and history. I loved the spanish moss as well. Too many photos of that. Your photos make me miss the Carolinas.

  2. It was a lovely trip! The gorgeous window boxes and fabulous little gardens growing in the SHADE amazed me. Fabulous dining, perfect weather–and fun company to boot!

  3. That’s where I’m from… Love it so much. It’s my husband and my goal to move back there ASAP. It will always be HOME. :)

  4. Wow, what a beautiful city! I haven’t been to the South at all (yet!) but now I’m adding Charleston to my must-visit list (joining New Orleans, Savannah, and Atlanta, it’s a short list so far…).

  5. One of my favorite things about Charleston is how so many houses have flower boxes hanging from the window ledges full of beautiful and colorful flowers! & all of the fences, and cobblestone! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  6. I’m seriously so obsessed with going to Charleston. the only kicker that it’s quite a hike from Los Angeles! no easy connections!

  7. i love your pictures! i am obsessed with charleston and vow to love there one day. it’s the only city that rivals my love for boston. i like to think of it as the boston of the south!

  8. Great pictures! My family and I go there every summer for vacation (from MD) and I want to move there eventually. love it down there.

  9. …sigh….I went to Savannah and loved but haven’t made it to Charleston yet! So incredibly pretty! But my husband and I are about to move to Boston this summer, which has to have equally as pretty parts around town, right!? We’re beyond excited! :)


  10. I love South of Market- I just picked up some adorable grey and white makeup bags as bridemaids presents. I’m glad you had such a great time in Charleston, it’s such an amazing place.

  11. Favorite city ever! I could walk around all day. Favorite off the beaten path restaurant…the Tattooed Moose. Oh so bad for you. They fry their fries in duck fat…but, oh so good. Also, I crave Poe’s in Sullivan’s Island. Their fish tacos are amaze!

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