Fashion Friday: Prints Charming

So many of you (including me) have a major love affair with Quadrille’s fabric. Particularly the China Seas line. If you need a reminder of why then here you go…

(all images via Quadrille’s site)

So it was of no surprise to me that when perusing Net-A-Porter I spotted some Philip Lim pants that looks almost identical to China Seas’s Lysette Reverse print!  Not you can wear the famous patterns on your body and not just let your furniture have all the fun!

China Seas Summer
And since we’re on the topic of coral and navy, here’s alittle sneak peek of my rental’s living room which will soon be featured on The Everygirl!


  1. Those pants are killer! Love how you styled them, too, I’m such a sucker for coral and navy paired together. And that Vince Camuto cuff is beautiful!

  2. These images are beautiful. Thanks for the great post and inspiration. Your living room looks great; can’t wait to see the rest on The Everygirl blog.

  3. Ok – you always post killer stuff and then sometimes you mention that it’s too expensive….this quote is for you – can’t remember who said it – “I’m not a millionaire, but I know I’d be just darling at it….” you would. hope you are soon.

  4. Erin, I meant my comment as a compliment, I hope it was taken that way. You probably are already a darling bazillioniare….you rock.

  5. New fan…well not really been over here a dozen times but never said a word…I don’t think? However, I’m getting over my shyness to reach out to fellow bloggers. Love this post! I love coral! Can’t wait to see your feature on Every Girl! Your blog rocks!

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  7. Oh I remind when you were thinking about a blue sofa! it looks great! can’t wait to see your home at the every girl!

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