AccessoriesApril 16, 2012

Neon Pink

I was reminded while in a dressing room this weekend that neon pink is THE most flattering color on me EVER for some reason… making me look tanner than I am and brightening the face is crazy amounts. Some objects of my affection…

Shoes and studs for just a hint of bright (click images for links)

This bra is 1) a great fit and 2) way brighter in person and fun peeking out of a sheer top! And I found out it’s true that Rag & Bone really does make fantastic skinny jeans!

Even though everyone has posted it, I still lust after that Claire Vivier clutch. Just a hint of it for those a bit scared in this Michael Kors tote.

Taylor from Sterling Style is queen of showing us all how to rock this color- dressed up or down.

Painting your nails this color totally ups the tan factor… and Nars Gaiety blush, while terrifying in the compact, is so delightful on the face.

Loving this DIY neon pink planter project (say that 10 times fast)! No need to keep the neon to just the body!

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