Fashion & GearApril 30, 2012

Polka Dog for Target

Oliver and Baxter can both be totally unconscious, sound asleep a whole floor above me and if I even whisper “who wants to go to Polka Dog?” the two of them will come careening down the stairs tails wagging and will bark at me until we are out the door. That is how addicted my two little crackheads are to our neighborhood doggy store.  So when I heard that they were being included in Target’s “Shops at Target” line-up I was SO happy for them (watch Rob and Deb’s preview video here)! I love that they are promoting and supporting such wonderful small businesses and as a die-hard lover of Boston I had to give them a shout out!

This was Oliver in there this weekend doing his shopping…

I mean, what dog wouldn’t be psyched?

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