Giveaway: FOUR Polka Dog for Target Gift Baskets!

After posting last week about my beloved Polka Dog Bakery‘s shop for Target launching this week, the fine folks at Target offered up FOUR gift baskets chock full of the goodies being sold in the shop up for grabs for my dog lovin’ readers! Man, Bax and Ollie would be delighted to get all this swag! Leave a comment about your dog below and be entered to be one of four winners!!!


  1. I would LOVE this for my gruesome twosome… pair of Boston Terriers, Gus and Gilley.

  2. I have two rescued French Bulldogs – Clyde & Nan the Ham. They would love to win a gift basket to share with their friends at!

  3. Bob is my far-too-large miniature poodle that is a barker, a kisser, a manipulator and a charmer. He would love a treat!

  4. My 5 year old doxie Maggie May has more personality than I dream of having some days. She’s seriously a character. Love the little buddy.

  5. My dog Fletcher, a beagle-basset mix, is universally referred to as “the longest dog I’ve ever seen!” And the best part is he is as happy as he is long! So, if he were lucky enough to win a basket of treats, his joy would know no bounds!

  6. Meesa, a Husky-Blue Heeler mix and the most precious princess puppy-dog, would love these treats!!

  7. Wait a minute…have I been sleeping under a rock or something…I didn’t know that you were a “feature” in LHJ?!?!?! franki

  8. Cooley, the sweetest golden-doodle in the world, would go nuts over all those Polka Dog goodies!!

  9. I have a 6 month old little long haired chihuahua. Her name is Penny. When I first got her, her fur on the top of her head was the color of a copper Penny. I love her so much. I am a disabled Veteran and live on a very strict income and cannot afford a lot of the time to buy fun extras. It would be a luxury to be able to win a cute little doggie gift basket for my little Penny from Polka Dog Bakery!!

  10. I would love to win one of these amazing baskets for my daughter! She is getting a super cute boxer and this would be a great starter kit for her!

  11. My rescue puppy hazzie has brought so much joy (and occasional frustration) to my house since we adopted him last year. He’s an adorable cutie.

  12. My puppy’s 1st birthday is in June, and this would be a great present for her :)

  13. My 8 month old rescue pit, Louise, loves being rewarded with new toys. She deserves this because she is the biggest sweetheart and a good listener – even her dog walker says so!

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