1. Not to be bitchy, but this concept sounds like it was cooked up by a heterosexual male. With a business degree. (“Women love Uggs! Women love weddings! We should combine the two, and charge extra!”)

  2. I would love to meet the person who orders the bridal fuzzy flip flop for her wedding. there aren’t even words to describe how horrific they are…

  3. If you’re going to get married in “Bridal Uggs” you might as well get married in Pajama Jeans. Or a Snuggie. Ick.


  4. Yikes!! 100% agreed. I generally think Uggs, particularly those horrendous boots, should be taken out behind the shed. Alas, I might wear the fuzzy flops while getting ready…you know, in private.

  5. We’ll i’m gonna wear em, then change into my bridal crocs for the reception.


  6. I just snorted coffee all over my keyboard. I have one pair of Uggs. My husband refers to them as attraction killers. And yes, wedding shoes = fierce!

  7. The only person who should wear these are 6 year old girls…. And not to a wedding. My daughter would love them.

  8. Why are so many people concerned with comfort at these milestone events? No one notices comfort from across a crowded room. No one appreciates comfort in professional wedding photos 25 years later! I am getting married in August – I will have on a minimum of two pairs of Spanx, Liz Lemon style.

  9. The only thing these should be worn with is a velour tracksuit with juicy written on your ass. So ghetto!!!

  10. Erin,

    New rule. If any of us attend a wedding where the bride is seen wearing these, we are all sworn to take back our wedding gift. And probably end the friendship.

    I’m not sure what’s funnier…the post or the comments. I’m dying of laughter right now.


    P.s. how long until they are marketed for the bridal party?!?

  11. I’m Australian, and we hate Ugg Australia. Firstly, they’re not an Australian company. Secondly, they trademarked the name “Ugg” which in Australia is attached to any sheepskin boot and actually is a shortening for “Ugly”, and have then sued any Australian brand using the word Ugg to describe their boot. It’s like trademarking the word Burger and then making all other people that produce Burgers find another word to describe their product. Thirdly, in Australia, all Uggs are for strictly at home wear, like slippers. You won’t find anyone wearing them in public, except the white trash (called “Bogans” in Australia). The fact that Ugg Australia have come up with those hideous boots is pretty much what I’d expect.

  12. I feel like Ugg Australia is realizing that they have a dying product and so they’re grasping at ANYTHING that might sell.

    One more thing while I’m here: Heidi, you’re right. Uggs are so bogan. My Kiwi husband thinks it’s hilarious that Americans wear Ugg as street shoes. He cannot understand this and I don’t even try to defend Americans here!

  13. On behalf of all well dressed Australian’s who know that Ugg Boots are an in the house only slipper I apologise!!! Anyone who wears Uggs out of the house in Australia are commonly known as Bogans, similar to the Chav’s of the UK. Again I am really sorry! :D

  14. I feel the same about Bridal Toms. But let’s face it, as bad as Bridal Uggs are… sparkle Bridal Crocs would be hella worse.

  15. I hate and would never buy Uggs, but as a Colorado girl I get it for someone who has a winter wedding and wants to take photos in the snow. These are way better than most snowy options!

  16. LOL…Lorrie I hope not. If some brides get married in flip flops I’m not surprised that Uggs weren’t far behind. Let’s hope they don’t decide to make wedding dresses too.

  17. OMG…Lorrie I hope not….lol. If some brides get married in flip flops I’m not surprised that Uggs weren’t far behind. Let’s hope they don’t decide to start making wedding dresses too.

  18. Sadly enough, we attended a wedding this past winter where the bride wore custom made Uggs with her short strapless bridal gown. NOT a pleasant site on such a pretty bride.

  19. Why do “those people” wear a winter boot (Ugg) with shorts, skirts and sweats in the summer? I always imagine how hot, sweaty and stinky their feet must be when I see this. And why do “those same people” wear a summer shoe (Crocs) with socks in the winter? They do realize they’re full of holes, don’t they?

  20. Could not agree more! Uggs are NOT meant for weddings, or to be worn in public. Seriously the most over-priced, ugliest shoe I’ve ever seen, and it’s even worse in bridal. {except crocs, bridal crocs might be worse}

  21. uggs themselves weren’t enough? of course not. tack on some cheap rhinestones and rainbow sheen sequins. so much better. woof.

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