A Kennebunkport Weekend

This past weekend we got to cruise up to Kennebunkport, Maine for a little R&R and to attend some events at the Kennebunkport Festival hosted by Maine Magazine. We stayed at the adorable English Meadows Inn and were greeted by a new friend- BAILEY the Goldendoodle!

Don’t you love those lamps from our room? And the peaceful rocking chairs on the porch?

Friday night was a fantastic dinner hosted by Maine Home + Design at the inn.

The chef came up from New York’s Bar Italia (and previously was the chef at the famed Cipriani) to whip up some seriously amazing food.

The menu and some bolognese (each course paired with absolutely delicious wine…)

Which lead to a really tough next morning (” Honey, I drank ALL the wine. Ever made, I think”)

But the best cure for the over-served? Bailey’s irresistible little face and some insanely good breakfast (cardamom french toast anyone?) The inn’s breakfasts are some of the best I’ve ever had!

Looking up at the perfect blue Maine sky.

We strolled through some of Kennebunkport’s galleries and shops (how cute!)

We swung by one of the most magical places I’ve been in Maine- Snug Harbor Farm.  My mom had told me about it, but as a non-gardener I thought that I wouldn’t be as into it as she of the Green Thumb. I was wrong. It’s GORGEOUS!

These fabric and nailhead lanterns were amazing! I can only imagine the glow they would give off with a candle inside!

Awesome little terrariums (and cute little price tags!)

The barn is also chock full of goodies, but the majority of gorgeousness sis outside!

THEY HAVE MINIATURE HORSES!!!!! It was like Christmas morning!

I was seriously obsessed. They were not as impressed with me, but I could not stop petting them.

I mean, just look at this place!

We were amazed by this huge hydrangea in one of the greenhouses.


I bought a pair of topiaries for my mantle. I hope I don’t kill them.

Then we made our way over to the festival’s Grand Tasting and Art Show. I had no idea what to expect but was blown away by this massive and awesome grouping of tons of local food and wine vendors serving up tastings of their goods. One could get seriously wastey-face at this thing but I was still feeling a bit under the weather- hence my empty glass.

Andrew manned up and participated though. I was more into sitting in the sun at the lovely Colony Hotel.

The art show was really cool- as a designer I of course loved the play of modern works on top of the historical wallpapers of the hotel!

How awesome is this wallpaper??

I squealed when I went into this room- pink moulding?!? And that cow painting made me smile.

Later that evening we drove over to Goose Rocks Beach to check out the Tides Beach Club for drinks and dinner. It was a gorgeous night and an equally lovely and cool place!

We sipped and chatted here on the porch looking at the ocean.

Some awesome corn and clam chowder and just LOOK at the lucite barstools and tufted bar with nailhead trim. There has never been a bar more “me”!

Such great design int he lobby/bar/restaurant! Awesome.

And how about this breathtaking beach? We walked and watched dogs swim int he ocean and swore we’d come back soon.


  1. Awesome pics – I love Kennebunkport and Snug Harbor is one of my favorite places. Must get back up there ASAP!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! My brother and his wife live in Kennebunkport and I just love it up there.

  3. love this – we’ve been looking for a “classic americana” destinatino for a long summer weekend. have been thinking nantucket so far but maybe this merits being on the consideration list- you certainly have swayed me. looks like a fantastic weekend!

  4. Maine is such a magical place – so happy to hear that you had a great time. My fiance’s family has a cottage in Ocean Park (not too far from Kennebunkport) and this will the be the 3rd summer that he and I spend a week together up there, just with our dog, beer, books and lobster. I leave in less than 3 weeks and can’t wait!!! Your pictures got me even more excited. :-)

  5. Oh my! I seriously need to get to Maine. We were in Boston for the weekend and had awful weather but seriously miss the charm of New England after spending 9 years there for school/work. I remember you posted about Cabot Cottages too – another spot I’ve been wanting to go to. Doesn’t look like it’ll happen this summer but maybe as a 4th anniversary trip next year. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. I have GOT to find out where I can get my hands on one of those AMAZING cow paintings! Do you know the artist or where I can get one? PLEASE help!

  7. Thanks for the thorough recap! My boyfriend and I recently did a weekend trip to Portland and loved it- Kennebunkport is next on the list! The Tides looks amazing so we’ll have to look into that :) Glad you had fun!

  8. Love the post too. I was the designer at the Inn at English Meadows in Lower Village, Kennebunk…and can speak to those lamps. They are true vintage. I added the custom shade and finial. They were found at a fantastic shop south of Oqunquit.

  9. … love kennebunkport! we spend a good portion of the summer at gooserock’s. it is seriously one of the nicest beaches i have been to. the sand is like talcum powder and for a maine beach, you can walk it–all 6 miles of it! next time you head out there, try to get into cape porpoise and have a great casual meal and drink overlooking the harbor at The Ramp. you wont be dissapointed; it’s like the beachy cheers!

  10. Kennebunkport is on my bucket list…can’t wait to check it off! Thank you for this post. On an unrelated note can you write a post featuring Art/Design/Architecture coffee table books? I’m about to make a trip to Barnes and Noble for some books to display on our new built-ins and am looking for some good ones that I might leaf thru every now and then. If it’s not post-worthy do you mind recommending a few? Thank you!

  11. As a golden doodle owner and dedicated eos reader think you guys should totally get a doodle. After reading your list/letter to yourself above…a new dog would be the perfect thing to encourage you! They love to sit around with you while you write and read. Walks are a great way to destress and spend time with your loved one(s). Haha hope bailey and I convinced you. Plus they are hypoallergenic and look great in photographs.

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