Fashion Friday: Cobalt Continued

The one thing about the ridiculous fashion show schedule is that you can SEE what is going to be trending next spring/summer while buying for THIS spring and summer! Checking out the resort collections for 2013 I can see one big trend continuing that started this spring- cobalt. Still going strong into next year!

Rachel Zoe

Roberto Cavalli



Lela Rose

So what can you buy now to ensure it’s still hip and on-trend next spring? Here ya go…


ISSA London deep v dress
$570 –

T by Alexander Wang slip dress
$92 –

Lace dress
$60 –

Diane von Furstenberg printed jacket
$720 –

J Crew cropped jacket
$178 –

Vintage romper
$198 –

J.Crew j crew shorts
$65 –

Dolce Vita leather sandals
$70 –

Zara shoes
$50 –

J Crew shoulder handbag
$258 –

Isharya 18k hoop earrings
$435 –

K Amato bib necklace
$72 –


  1. My favorite colors have always been turquoise and coral, but I am currently obsessing over cobalt! Love everything you posted here :)

  2. Erin, you have inspired me to take my fashion game to the next level. Even though I’m on a pretty strict budget, I ask myself “what would Erin think” before a purchase. It helps to take a moment and consider! Cobalt/chartreuse and turquoise/coral along with neutrals in grey and taupe have been my go-to colors this spring and summer.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!

  3. Love the decorator article you posted on FB this morning. Had I any $$ to spare I’d have to hire a decorator since I have no eye for decor and it is a gift that I know other people have.

    I was also strangely comforted by the White House decor private fund thing.

    Final Note: I dig the cobalt blue. Whenever I lose some baby weight I want me some skinny jeans in bright colors. Yup.

  4. I’m so happy it’s sticking around! I love this color and it looks great in both solids and prints. You pulled together an awesome collection here.


  5. I love this post. If youve seen my kitchen it’s cobalt, and I love it after 10 years and counting. It is a great color to wear, and I think it looks good on everyone, but you don’t see it that often. Kudos for celebrating cobalt!

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