Fashion Friday: Sunset Inspired

I have loved this Andy Warhol print for a very long time. I think coral has to be one of the happiest colors in the spectrum and when blended with pinks it just makes me smile.  So I wanted to create an outfit (wedding appropriate- and rentable) using the Warhol piece as inspiration.Layered with tons of gold and pop of yellow it creates an ombre wash of all the right colors!

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  1. Ok love it! Perfect timing too – I’m heading out to a wedding in Newport tonight and am wearing a hot coral gown. Now I might shake things up with pink or yellow nails :-).

  2. Erin, you are so evil to my wallet! I have a wedding in a few weeks and planned on wearing a dress I felt “eh” about, and now I am NOT going to be able to get this off of my mind.

    PS- I live very close to you and my Oliver (of the yorkie kind) said he’d love to meet yours! You should host a Boston design networking event. I’m getting my masters at Suffolk right now and would love to pick your brain!

  3. I remember when I was in high school and it was the advent of Fashion TV. I don’t remember what the channel was called but in the mornings when I would be getting ready I would watch videos of girls walking the catwalk at various designer shows. This was, of course, before my brother was up and around. As soon as he walked into the room he let out a slew of moans and complaints if he saw I had that station on. But I remember one morning watching a dress, a dark blue and light blue number made of some short of chiffon very similar to this one but with the lighter strip going down to the floor, coming down the runway. It was probably one of my favorite dresses I have ever seen.

  4. Oh that dress is gorgeous! Wish I wasn’t a measly 5′ tall so I could try it out! The print is pretty awesome too!

  5. Gor.Jus.I love that combo too.
    PS…love your office, apartment, puppies, and husband. And you.
    You’re right, don’t compare. It’s not fair to others! :)

  6. This one….is the one. Ombre’ is perfect…I’m wearing an ombre’ ring right now! franki

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