My Apartment on The Everygirl

So happy to have yet another feature on The Everygirl today, this time our South End apartment. So let me preface this by saying that this apartment not only is a rental, but a short term one at that- so basically I re-purposed what I could from our last place while adding in a few budget friendly pieces from IKEA and Ballard Designs that will come with us on our next adventure (announcement on that coming soon, I hope).  So you can imagine I was pretty anxious about having the space shot as I really haven’t done much to it- certainly not what I would do if I owned it or knew I was staying longer than 8 months!

Go HERE to see it all, but a few images here…( and yes, those are THE leather pants– which totally stretched out BTW and I am super pissed about).

If you missed their feature on my office and my interview you can also see that HERE!

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  1. oh my goodness! how beautiful is your home!? So YOU are one of those people who are lucky enough to find the gorgeous South End rentals? Boston real estate is so hit or miss, and it seems like you have really struck gold- although your personal touches are what really make it special. Congrats on the feature btw!

  2. Loved the apartment, and can’t wait to see your next place and how these pieces are used in it. Also, I think that’s a great picture of you and Andrew and your dogs!

  3. Could you be any cuter? Actually cute isn’t the best word – you look killer in those leather pants (even if they did stretch out). You look like Kate Beckinsale in that shot (a compliment, I think she’s gorg).

    And your home – amazing. Just beautiful!

  4. Even though your apartment is just temporary, it looks amazing! I love how you styled it.
    PS: that’s really unfortunate about your pants! Boo on stretching out!


  5. Where to even start?! Your apartment is absolutely stunning! Love the mix of styles in your apartment. That kitchen is killer for a rental! wow. I adore your bed and bedding and the styling in your living room. Ah-mazing! But to top it off, the picture of you and your hubby with your dogs is the cutest ever. Such a stylish couple!!

  6. Your apartment is absolutely gorgeous! Hoping my husband and I can find a south end rental that looks like that!

  7. Erin, your apartment is seriously gorg. I want your sofa. And can I just say – that cover image of you and Andrew with your puppies is the cutest thing ever. You look beautiful!

  8. You are so cute! Love the photo with you and your husband and doggies! Love how you decorated, even temporarily, you are so talented!

  9. Hi Erin! Just a quick note to say 1) gorgeous apartment (love that painting and navy sofa) and 2) I’ve een following your blog for over a year now and recently I notice you seem more confident, comfortable and funny in your posts! You have a real voice and I’m glad it’s shining through. As a writer myself I can appreciate the ever-present challenge of liberating your point of view and being true to who you are. It’s hard. You should write that book however much of a struggle it is. You’ve got something special!

  10. Ah! I am OBSESSED with your master bedroom. I love the orange and white monogrammed sheets (where did you find them?), the leopard ottoman and the rug! Such a great, eclectic mix and I hope to do something similar in my next apt! I also love the grey walls – they look surprisingly fresh and light.

  11. you give your guests the room with the fireplace?? what a nice hostess you are!

    Fantastic article and you look fab. Love the “get the look” page at the end.

  12. Erin:

    Your home is absolutely lovely. We live in LA now, but are from Boston and this makes me miss the South End DESPERATELY! One question: where did you get that jute rug in your living room? Perfect size and I love the fringe.

  13. The vintage suitcases with the lucite table is really smart. The suitcases offer storage but the whole thing doesn’t take up much visual space.

  14. I love your apartment! Your blue couch has inspired me, I’m DYING for one! And I’d kill for just one of your vintage suitcases. Do you any suggestions on where to find them?

  15. Your home is beautiful! I especially love your living room…the navy couch is amazing! Are you happy with the Ballard chairs and where is your jute rug from?

  16. You have really made that apartment a home in no time at all! It’s absolutely gorgeous!! Was wondering do you have a better picture of the bookcase to the left of the living room fireplace. It looks industrial like one of those “garage storage’ type shelves that I’ve been thinking about incorporating. Everybody has been telling me it wouldn’t work. I still believe if it is done right it will look amazing. Anyway I’d love to see how it’s styled. Keep up the good work!

  17. I think this looks fantastic! I’ve lived “temporarily” in 3 different places in the past 3 years and can’t wait to settle somewhere so I can decorate the way I want. Please tell me where you got your couch! I’m dying for a navy one, but am worried about what my slobbery Boxer may do to it since he likes to sneak onto the couch in the middle of the night. Haha!

  18. What a great feature! You and your home look divine. Great interview and office, as well. Congrats on all the goodness coming your way. You’ve certainly worked for it!

  19. I LOVE the blue velvet couch! Any chance you could let us know where it’s from? I’ve been looking for something similar for my new apartment and haven’t had any luck.

  20. Erin, your home is lovely!!! Throw your leather pants in the dryer for a little bit…heat shrinks stretched leather. A woman in Florence taught me that trick.

  21. Omg you guys are sooo cute. Love your outdoor space. What kinds of planters would u put back there???

  22. Seriously LOVE your apartment! And the image of you and your hubby with the dogs is so stinking cute! Also really had fun reading your feature on the everygirl. Congrats on all your fun new adventures! So thrilled for you, and excited to see the fashion line when it comes out. =) Keep up the amazing work and fabulous blog. I read everyday. =)

  23. So lovely! The South End is such a great place to live. Makes my Allston apartment look quite shabby in comparison (which is to be expected, of course).

  24. Stunning as always! It’s amazing how you take a temporary rental and make it look like a million dollars with budget friendly pieces! Love it

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