Holidays & EntertainingJune 25, 2012

Scenes from a Wedding

My youngest brother got married this past weekend at my parent’s gorgeous home in Connecticut.  While the weather played with our emotions (and hair-dos) the event went off absolutely beautifully thanks to the exhaustive work by my mom and dad. Here are some snaps I took of the weekend.

The red barn/garage served as the rehearsal dinner location… and it was charming beyond words.

Mom and I worked hard last week to make it look less “garage” and more “country barn” with lanterns and oilcloth.

My mom collected vintage books that reminded her of the couple as well as vintage vases for a few bright Gerbers. Having run out of one ind of oilcoth, I decided to alternate them adding little runners of the opposite print on each to make it look purposeful!

I think we did pretty damn good.

And finally the skies cleared!

I got to practice my penmanship writing the table assisgnments on a blackboard with pint pen (chalk would not work with the threat of rain). My sister-in-law and I had to polish up our math skills to make the grid (and if you know me, that is HILARIOUS as in my brain 2+2= JELLO).

My mom has Mircale Gro in her veins. Obviously.

The front of the house (Dad’s handiwork!)

The groomsmen.

The bridesmaids (J. Crew).

The ceremony spot in the back garden.

Where we all processed.

View through to the tent.

Adorable tabletops featuring burlap, vintage mismatched pinka nd blue cloth napkins found on Etsy and wonderful potted herbs, topiaries, florals and berries.  The florist was the wonderful, amazing Sandy at Flowering Vine in Sturbridge, MA who also did my wedding almost seven years ago. SHE IS A GENIUS.

The lucky (and cute) bride and groom!

After the storm, perfect skies.

It was a great, great event.

Me and my groom. Still tired from raucous dancing (and insisting-after 4 glasses of wine- that Andrew and I do the Dirty Dancing lift. We failed. TWICE.)

Congrats Connor + Lizzie!

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