A Day in My Life with Sous Style

I was so honored to be asked by Pippa from Sous Style to be featured on her fantastic blog!  We did something a little different then what they typically do and chronicled my whole day. Granted there are a lot of little details and unglamorous parts we didn’t shoot (and by we I mean the fab Sarah Winchester, again) but it was SO fun to do! Click here to see the whole thing and read the story! (ADDITION: They posted my 5 Design Tips to Live By this morning so check them out!)

Some pics (and some you didn’t see):

I never look like this when I wake up. But Baxter does always give me morning hugs.

This is how I blog every morning- in my jammies, bookended by pups.

Clutch products.

My messy jewelry drawer.

Crash zoom. I was not allowed to straighten it out.

At the office.

At the design center.

At a project.

At the bar. Lindsey and I always stare lovingly at each other when we drink.


  1. What a great post! Your work day seems so much more exciting than mine. Sigh. Could you please share the various pieces of your outfit? Love the blouse and the shoes.

  2. What a gorgeous shoot and a fun feature! I would 100 percent believe you wake up looking that beautiful. Not fair :)

  3. Hey Erin. Amazeballs. If only my day today was as organized! Youve motivated me to dress up for my day of running around, the painters at the project ill be checking in on will wonder whats up, ha.

  4. Great feature. So nice to see some of the “normal” things in life. PS. LOVE the shoes! Where did you get them?

  5. I always start my morning out with hugs from my cavalier, Tallulah! I love that top, who is it by?

  6. Erin, this post kills me..but I loved it nonetheless. I would seriously take a vacation day from work to have this day. It’s just not fair!!!! Could you post more pics of the brownstone? It looks incredible.

  7. Congratulations, you’re day seems much more exciting than mine. I must know however, where the blouse you’re wearing in the shoot is from. Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!

  8. If someone did a photo shoot of a day in my life it would look nothing like this. I’m so envious of your glamorous, stylish life! And I would kill for that jewelry drawer.

  9. What a fun post! Everything is so stylish in your world – your apartment, your office and of course you!! You look so chic. Loved seeing it all. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love this! It’s always fun to see day-in-the-life features. I really want a) your jewelry drawer (it’s not that messy!) and b) those shoes!

  11. Erin, my FAVE part of the post was seeing your messy jewelry drawer, because it looks just like mine and I’m constantly ashamed that I can be so organized in so many ways and then be a hot mess with my jewelry. When i saw that picture, I was like “DAMN! If the beautiful and stylish Erin Gates can have a messy jewelry drawer, then it MUST be OK!” And my shame instantly went away! So thank you for not cleaning it up! Letting us see your “messy parts” is what makes so many of us LOVE YOU!

  12. “messy parts OF YOUR LIFE” — sorry – it sounded weird when I reread it — messy parts of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Your dogs are absolutely adorable and your jewelry drawer is nothing to be ashamed about. I love love the light-filled office too!


  14. I enjoyed reading your design tips and “day of” post. Looking at all these pictures reminds me of one thing – I know you are frank about your struggles with body image. Let me just say that I cannot see why, but I know that whatever we personally struggle with is the “ugliness that makes us truly beautiful” as we learn to handle it. You look fabulous in the pictures – I love your hair pulled back like that!

  15. Ahhhh, your jewelry drawer is awesome! Who cares if it’s a little messy – look what’s in it! So envious.

    Your dogs are adorable and you look tres lovely in this spread!

  16. I loved this “day in the life”…the photos were beautiful and your commentary always makes everything perfect. Thanks for introducing Sous Style as well!

  17. Erin, thanks for always making me laugh! Your disclaimer about the ‘unglamorous’ parts keeps it real, but you do have an enviable life!

    The 5 Design Tips in the full feature were SO helpful too. We just bought a house, and in my effort to make it magazine-ready, I’ve been filling it with impulse buys. I need to be reminded “Don’t buy it if you don’t love it.”

  18. W.S. – do you mean to suggest that a photo shoot of a day in the life is prescribed and posed? The horror! You have unveiled a curtain my friend.

  19. Hi! Such a great shoot, I truly miss living in Beacon Hill and shopping the design studios in the South End. :) Also, I LOVE your white jeans? Who are they by?

  20. J’Adore! What a fantastic idea! Thank you for the glimpse into your uber-stylish life. Congrats & Good Luck with the renovations of your new house — we hope you share the progress with us!

  21. Pretty,pretty photos! You have such great style..congrats to all your latest successes!!
    Enjoy your day

  22. Pretty sure your coffee cup is another by Jill R. Will she be selling any of the animal print designs on her website or on your blog. That cup is gorgeous!

  23. So fun! Can’t wait to hop over and check it out. Your office space is amazing- so light and pretty. Happy Thursday!

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  24. Such a fun post, it was great to see how you spend your days. I love your white pants too, and need to get myself a new pair…can you share where you got yours?? Thanks Erin!

  25. Is that the snakeskin cuff from Serena and Lily in your fabulous drawer? Don’t you love it? I have the ivory one… i suddenly feel so chic! :)

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