Elephant Fever

There are a lot of animals I would love to have- a monkey, a mini horse, a llama and most of all, an elephant. Naturally none of these will be sleeping in my bed with me (Bax and Ollie only part of the problem) but it doesn’t stop me from obsessively loving creatures great and small. The greatest of the great being the elephant. My number one travel goal in life is to go on a safari and see one in it’s natural habitat, but until then I just can surround myself with the bevy of elephant good for the home and self- and apparently it’s quite de riguer!

I am sure all of you have read Water for Elephants, but even better, I dare say, was Modoc: The True Story of the Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived. You have to give it a try! I loved it. And next up on my reading list is Love, Life and Elephants. Have you read it? I hear it’s fabulous!

J.Crew has a great elephant pendant and I was so so excited to get this Knight&Hammer Baby Phil elephant ring not only because it’s awesome but because all pieces in the Knight&Hammer Jewelry with A Conscience donates a portion of the proceeds from each purchase to the fantastic helpingelephants.org!

Duralee just launched a great line of affordable fabrics with famed John Robshaw- and there are a few elephant prints in there!

A fantastic Robshaw throw pillow off his own site.

This vintage table is pretty amazing in an entry, no?

I have a vintage version of the Two’s Company table at left, but also love this outdoor umbrella stand table for the patio! Put in between two chaise lounge chairs it has just enough space to put down a cocktail!

Elephant themes for nurseries is one of my favorites! Serena and Lily has the cutest upholstered cube and quilt in my other favorite orange and pink!!

How about these shower invites from iomoi?

This adorable and snuggly baby blanket from Etsy seller Seasons of Love would be a great gift!

I would never have real taxidermy of a sweet elephant, but this resin version would be so great in a nursery/ child’s room

Love this grown up but whimsical stationery from iomoi (they have so much great elephant stuff!)

I love brass elephant figurines for a bookshelf or mantle- this one from eBay reminds me so much of Water for Elephants!  A more subtle choice is this pink champagne scented candle from Gumps (and use the vessel as a catch-all once the candle is done!)

A cute and subtle elephant print blouse from Modcloth and a summer weight Tory Burch scarf (on sale!)


  1. LOVE this post! I love elephants so much and have always dreamed of visiting an elephant orphanage someday. I find them fascinating. I mean, they have a mourning ceremony for those elephants that pass on! They are special animals. I cannot get enough elephant things in my life. Thank you!

  2. great post! i love all animals, which works out well because my office is in a zoo (i do fundraising) and we have two wonderful, gentle elephants that i love to visit – they look so wise and knowing!

  3. I just finished Love, Life, and Elephants – it was amazing! You’ll cry your eyes out, laugh right out loud, and then google flights to Kenya. So so good!

  4. I have a serious love for elephants, they are such kind empotional animals. I am still nervous to read those books as I know I will be a puffy wreck from crying. I can’t even watch cartoon animals get hurt in Disney movies….that’s right – never saw Lion King because I am pretty sure papa lion doesn’t make it I just can’t witness it. Love this post – great idea!

  5. I have a serious love for elephants, they are such kind emotional animals. I am still nervous to read those books as I know I will be a puffy wreck from crying. I can’t even watch cartoon animals get hurt in Disney movies….that’s right – never saw Lion King because I am pretty sure papa lion doesn’t make it I just can’t witness it. Love this post – great idea!

  6. I remember my grandma telling me when I was little that elephants with their trunks facing up are good luck and I’ve loved them every since! Lovely picks.

  7. How timely, my son is returning home today from Africa!
    He tells me he has lots of goodies~ I am hoping for something elephantish~

  8. Great round-up! My mom has collected elephant figurines since she was a girl, but they’re all in a big box somewhere. I need to nudge her into displaying them because she has some really amazing ones. And maybe need to get her that Tory Burch scarf…

  9. Oh my gosh – this may be my favorite post ever! I am crazy in love with elephants and have been ever since I was a little girl. I want to read Love, Life and Elephants – like I might just order it right after posting this! HA! I just bought my first home, and there certainly will be some touches of elephants throughout the place without making it feel like an overall theme! Fun to know I am not the only one who day dreams about these beautifully majestic animals!
    Much love,

  10. This post made me so happy and totally brightened my day! I’ve always wished I had a tiny tiny tiny elephant for a pet. Since that’s not likely to happen, decorating with elephants is really the next best choice! Also, I didn’t know I wanted an ice bucket topped with an elephant until now. GREAT post! xo, Jolie

  11. You must visit Thailand and stay at an elephant sanctuary there sometime. Last year when we visited my daughter spent a week at one (with other high school students, but they have adult options, too!) taking care of the elephants, going in the water with them, riding them into the jungle, and having the greatest time ever. It is amazing!! and Thailand is one of my favorite countries on earth. The Asian elephants are smaller than the African ones.

  12. I’ve always had a soft spot for elephants because of the whole “elephants never forget” thing. Thanks for sharing all of these, so pretty!

  13. The Anantara resort in the Golden Triangle of Thailand is amazing for elephant lovers and a true eco resort that really makes a difference. I’ve been twice and love it! Plus, you can meet the real “Phil” from the ring!

  14. I heard that “Love, Life and Elephants” is fabulous! It’s also on my reading list. Did you know that Dame Sheldrick continues to runs the Sheldrick foundation in Africa? You can actually foster or “adopt” and elephant. I remember that Kristin Davis (from Sex & the City) did a short documentary on them as well as ET news reporter Maria Menounos. My dream is to visit because I love elephants as well!

    Thank you for the recommendation and great finds. I’m adding ‘Modoc’ to my list right now.


  15. I love everything elephants! My mother also told me that elephants with their trunks up is good luck! :)

  16. The best elephant book to read EVER… The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony, it’s an incredible story and is set a few hours from where I am lucky enough to live in South Africa. Enjoy x

  17. I must echo some of the other comments, you must visit Thailand. The elephant is a sort of national animal / symbol there. if you ever make it there, pop into a Jim Thompson shop for the most beautiful and colourful silk goods (scarves, ties, pillow covers, etc), many with elephant motifs. Everytime my boyfriend and I visit he gets a different pair of elephant cufflinks. Its our tradition now.


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