FashionJuly 5, 2012

So, Monday Rocked.

Monday morning I woke up and was perusing my Twitter feed when I saw this.

I read and re-read that four or five times before I could comprehend she was talking about MY blog. And then I freaked the FRIG out. Why? Only because I have worshiped Ali Wentworth for years. Her writing has cracked me up beyond words, her every TV appearance has left me in stitches and her homes have graced the pages of Elle Decor and Arch Digest. I mean, if I went to Hogwarts (I wish) and was to conjure my Patronus it would be in the shape of Ali Wentworth. So this tweet from her pretty much rocked my world and then some. So in “I’m Not Worthy” honor here are some of my fave spaces from Ali’s homes in NY (decorated by THE Michael Smith) and D.C. (decorated by Elizabeth Martin).

(Leopard DVF dress? Soul mate much?)

And then later in the day the new issue of Matchbook Magazine came out featuring a story about Two Penny Blue! (P.S. How awesome are our shipping boxes, if I do say so myself??)

Not a bad way to start the week, huh?

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