Favorite FindsJuly 25, 2012

Sponsor Welcome: Huston & Company

In a world of big box furniture stores like IKEA, Pottery Barn and the like it’s refreshing to know there are still artisan furniture makers out there. And while the concept of custom made furniture probably conjures up a series of dollar signs a mile long in your head, it’s not necessarily true.  And it’s not a scary process either.  I can tell you this not only from designing custom pieces for several of my clients but also from my visit to Huston & Company’s workroom and showroom in Kennebunkport, Maine. Run by a father/son team (how sweet is that?) they are busy crafting wood pieces that will truly stand the test of time (unlike that CB2 Tulip table copy of yours).  If you are looking to add a piece or two to your home this company is worth a gander.  Able to make anything your design minds dream of (well, of wood, at least) you can work with Bill and his son to make sure it’s exactly what you want, and can’t seem to find ready made.

A nice touch to all their work is that each piece is made by one artist and signed upon completion. It makes it feel personal and is a reminder that someone made it by hand just for you!

A great simple dining tables- all details can be customized, size, finishes- you name it!

A Danish-modern influenced desk:

This new series of tables and consoles really shows the level of detail in the craftsmanship- carving out layers by following the natural grain of the wood to create a river-like pattern.

Great shapes and detail on these tables!

A modern leather and wood chair I am sure a lot fo guys wouldn’t mind having in their office!

A custom design by a client:

An amazing, amazing gift for a new baby these hand made rocking horses are so fantastic with their little leather ears. An heirloom for sure.

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