Meet The Wellbuilt Company.

So it’s about time I introduced y’all to the people who are helping me turn my old little house slowly but surely into something fresh, new and modern.  From our first meeting I pretty much knew I was going to end up using The Wellbuilt Company to work on our house.  They were super responsive, flexible and totally down with the blog world (they have a great blog of their own you should check out). It seemed that principle and Boston office head Todd Rotondi and I saw eye to eye on everything and he had a sense of humor, super important in a stressful time like a renovation.  Of course one gander at their impressive portfolio and I knew they’d be good, but I wasn’t sure if they’d want to tackle my lower budget, zillion phase small home- but that’s why I’ve grown to love these guys in a short couple weeks. While they encompass the ability and skill set to work on the highest of the high end stuff, they like to get down and dirty with us normal folks too- kind of how I like to run my own business.  As good fit, it seems.

yeeeeah, like it says on their shirts “not your general contractors”

Todd, the GC on my project, grew up in a family of builders, becoming the 3rd generation of Rotondi men to embrace a career in construction.  Ironically (or perhaps less so if you’ve ever seen his charm in action) Todd also pursued his love for acting. In between building projects Todd landed staring roles in As The World Turns and short films such as Howl, where he played Jack Kerouac opposite James Franco.  So yes, ladies (and you few gents) I have a honest to goodness former soap star working on my house.  And yes, I’ve already tried prying for insider celebrity gossip, obviously.

From As the World Turns to a penthouse project to salvaging my totally gangsta old tile….flexibility in action.

Todd’s NYC based partner Mitch Kidd is a native of Australia and his passion for construction was cultivated at an early age through employment with a renowned Australian construction firm.  His diverse experience includes such highlights as being involved with the refurbishment of the Shangri La hotel in Sydney  and developing a 5 level luxury Sydney harbor residence.  Mitch started his American construction  career in Aspen, Colorado building luxury mountain homes and later followed his love of construction to New York where he soon met Todd and formed Wellbuilt. So if you are in the area and are looking to renovate or build, he’s your guy.

I kind of lost my cool when I found out that Wellbuilt has worked with one of my personal design heroes Celerie Kemble on projects in the Ritz Carlton Hotel residences and donating their services to work on her room at the Kips Bay Showhouse in 2011 (which is the only year I went- weird coincidence?) The company also appeared  on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice in early 2010,  competing to renovate two apartments over the span of 2 days for the tv series. They have now expanded to Boston and Australia and have plans for more expansion in the years to come. But first, getting my digs in shape for me to actually move into my work in progress next weekend… I honestly am still in denial about that part. God help me.

A residence designed by Celerie Kemble (I bow down) and executed by Wellbuilt.

Celerie’s Kips Bay room from last year they worked on (I remember wanting to sit in that pink double sided chaise somethin’ fierce.)

ANOTHER Celerie project they killed it on.

Melanie Fascitelli’s (owner of the famous Clos-ette) partnered with them on her own closet as featured in Lonny.

A Boston area kitchen renovation.

I totally dig their logo and shirts they all wear too. Hey, it speaks volumes as to their aesthetic, and design is all in the details, right?? :) I trust people more who have good logos. TRUTH.

If you live in the Boston or New York areas and are looking for renovation services be sure to check them out.


  1. So this is the deal with your blog from now on? Whoring out your followers for companies who give you deals on services for a house you cant afford yourself? Awesome. You should be real proud. Hey, at least you don’t buy expensive handbags, right? Mom and pop still paying for that too?

  2. Maybe they could expand to TX??? Great pick! I love the logo too and also lean toward a clever logo: once picked a tow truck for help based on this theory- Pinky Tow.

  3. Also, keep blogging about your house and any and all of the services you are using because we want to hear about your journey, especially if you have great tradesmen. I’m so excited about your renovation!

  4. I agree with Chris – some definite cuties! As for ‘Annon,’ it makes me wonder what sort of person you are that you’re evidently feeling ‘whored out’ by somebody else’s blog post… ;D Lighten up, and let somebody’s hard work pay off, friend.

    Now this whole post is making me wish I owned a house!

  5. What I would give to have them as contractors at my house. Although I’d need a house anyway. Will they come and work in London when I do have a house?

    Don’t listen to Annon. Any help with anything is always appreciated. If you’ve managed to do a deal with any contractor then you should be proud of it.

  6. Annon- first of all, if you are going to leave a comment like that on my blog, use your real name and address and OWN IT. Secondly, you have no concept of what my financial status is. Actually, I have saved my whole life so I can not only afford this house, but afford to put money into it. And no, Mom and Dad don’t pay for anything of mine- my college tuition, yes, but I make my own money to buy my own things, thank you very much. I work my ass off to keep this blog going every day for the last five years and deserve to make a little money off it or else it would have to change or possibly stop. So if some of the vendors I choose independently to work with want to offer me a good pricing or product so they can be featured on the blog, just as my advertisers pay for ad space, then why would I deny myself that? These are vendors I would work with regardless, I turn down vendors whose products I don’t like all the time because I specifically refuse to “whore out” for just anything. A lot of people in the New England area and beyond want to know who is good to work with on interior projects, so I am offering up my sources to them. A lot of designers never ever would. So before you lash out in jealousy, get your facts straight.

  7. Good luck with the renovation! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. We’re at the last stage of our reno and just refinished the floors in dark walnut, but got home to discover that “dark” they are not. More like “yellow walnut.” And already poly’d! So I’m particularly envious of your team right now. Amazing portfolio, good looks, but my only issue is … is that Comic Sans on their shirts? Comic Sans? Say it isn’t so! Wellbuilt, to you I say, Garamond. You will thank me later.

    “Annon” — jealousy does not look good on you.

  8. Mom and Dad pay for nothing. We are so very proud of Erin and Andrew, as well as all our children, for their great success in the careers they have chosen and worked hard at. We gave them education, love, and support– and let them fly , learning some hard lessons along the way. So Annon, shut up.

  9. Just a quick note to say that i have been following your blog for about a year….love it in the morning with a cup of coffee! You have fab taste and i just love the way you write, you sound just like one of my girlfriends!! Keep up the amazing work, and i can’t wait to see the final product of what i’m sure will be a magazine worthing home:)!!

  10. Wowzer, they certainly don’t make contractors like that in Central PA! Please continue to update the entire process…with lots of pictures of those hotties!

  11. When I met Erin on our very first day of college, in our super-tiny dorm room, I was very impressed to find out that this stylish gal spent her summers scooping ice cream at the beach concession stand to earn $$ to support her J. Crew habit. :-) I, on the other hand, had done absolutely nothing to earn my keep up until that point.

    Good for you Erin – most of us wish we had your fantastic combination of work ethic + God-given eye + writing skills. Enjoy working with those hottie contractors and I will happily keep reading to see your progress!

  12. I totally agree about tending to trust companies more when they have a well-designed logo :D I can’t help it, I was a graphic designer in my past life.

  13. Hi Erin, just stopping by to say hi and wishing you tons of fun as you begin to renovate your home.

    We all want a good deal, and as designers, it’s our job to get one! This post proves you can work the angles, which should make your future clients very happy. Way to keep it smart and savvy ;)


  14. Oh, Comic Sans…you poor, ostracized font. You have to have an appropriate use somewhere. Right…?
    My husband and I ALWAYS choose companies based on their logos. As visual people, we just can’t help it. We’re such font elitists. Nerd alert…
    We’re renovating a 1926 Arts & Crafts home in SC. Luckily we bought it with new plumbing and electrical – thanks, previous owners! So we just get to do all the fun, aesthetic things. It’s so fun!
    Looking forward to seeing details of the renovation. Are you and Andrew getting your hands dirty??

  15. I’d hire them purely based on their looks alone! Icing on the cake that they are absolutely amazing at what they do! Please keep sharing your renovation updates Erin, and ignore that sad person who doesn’t even have the guts to back up their claims by using their real name!

  16. i’ll never understand how mean people can really be. bravo to you and your hard work – can’t wait to see your house reno journey through pictures. i live for this stuff. also i applaud your mom for doing what mom’s do best loving + supporting their children and smiling brightly with glee as they soar high. it’s all we could ever ask for. truly.

  17. I’ve been a follower of Erin’s for some time now since I worked at the BDC and as I don’t know her personally, I know enough from her blog to know she’s an honest, hard-working, amazingly talented person who is kicking ass in the design world and leading the way for many of us young designers who aspire to be just like her. And when your running a company like this, nothing is wrong with a little bartering! Mr Anon…please tell us what you do again?

  18. So I was going to come on and blast Anon for that comment, but I see everyone else has already done that for me! You have no idea how much all of her readers mean to her…you get her through each day almost as much as the dogs. :)

  19. Annon,

    I think it’s fair to say you think you are beyond witty and intellectually established.

    Something to marinate in for a while:

    (of a person) Not identified by name; of unknown name.
    Having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.

    Let’s repeat that:

    Having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.

    …seems to be spot on.

    Let’s take the wild assumption that your name is actually “Annon” rather than your attempt at being anonymous. Note to self, there is only one “n” but you probably know this because you are actually the type of person that likes to waste time by painting layers of jealously over your cowardly anonymous identity.

    FUN FACT, Annon:

    Italian Meanings of Annon (Male)- From the stream.
    Italian Meanings of Annon (Female)- From the stream.

    Suggestion – continue down this unimpressive, one way, genderless and uncreative stream.

  20. Until someone goes through a total renovation they have no idea what it is like. I think your readers are enjoying the true pains of renovations. If someone doesn’t like what you blog about don’t read the blog, they shouldn’t feel the need to be so negative and angry it just makes them look jealous especially since they couldn’t even but their name on their comment. Most of us love what you write and look forward to what will be next. You keep going strong!Love Elements of Style

  21. Seriously ANNON (or ANON)- if you don’t want to read the blog get the hell off of it. But, don’t come on here and harsh our girl. The rest of us enjoy the blog, sources and stories.

  22. I’m intrigued at the passionate responses here–don’t a couple rando haters just come with the territory of being overall, adored? Ask Gwyneth. lol cause, you know, I know Gwyneth. A lot of people seem to hate her. And yet, she has an insane following of women that would throw themselves in front of a bus to be her friend (I’m one of them. Though I’m not afraid to talk some smack about her when I’m feeling low). Just sayin. Dont sweat it, Erin. :)

  23. Poor little unremarkable Annon with his lack of outstanding, individual or unusual features! It must be tough to be a nothing.

    Like you, Erin, I scrimped and saved my entire life so I could afford a house. For twenty-five years I did without a car, nice clothes, vacations, electronic devices, concerts, restaurant dinners, coffees at Starbucks … well, you get the picture. And now I own my own house, the house of my dreams, two blocks from the ocean. So, of course, I get more than my fair share of people who are jealous of what I’ve accomplished. And are especially upset that a SINGLE woman can own her own home.

    I’m just so impressed that there are still people out there with your financial sense. You should be soooooo proud of yourself. You rock!

  24. Erin,
    I have been following you ever since your write up in the Boston Globe Sunday magazine a couple of years ago and I want you to know that I really enjoy reading your blog!
    This post was great, the Wellbuilt Company(definitely easy on the eyes), and your mom’s, and your response to “Annon” were spot on! Well done!!!
    PS. I live in Charlestown…we did a gut renovation of an 1840’s brick single recently and a good contractor is worth their weight in gold! So I am excited to follow your progress, as I only documented ours through photos and the bills,(oh, the bills) but not blogging!

  25. You may have found the most beautiful set of contractors in the business, #1. #2, the way your readers have your back is also just as beautiful.

  26. Looked who lucked out with the HOT {& super talented!} contractors! Well done! So excited about following the house reno! You are so talented & deserve all happiness & success that comes your way so don’t listen to these crazies! :)

  27. Erin, your posts are always interesting, informative, and so stylish! Thanks for letting your readers steal your style and share in your life! It truly feels like you’re a really good friend, who BONUS is really good at giving interior design and fashion advice.

  28. Love it!!! Kinda want to gut something in my house just to have the chance to work with such a hottie crew. Will they travel to sunny California?!?

  29. Erin, hubba, hubba (does anyone ever say that?? I couldn’t help myself!!) Mitch and Todd are hot – I think I’m blushing! Promise more pics of them during this renovation. I am sooooo happy for you and your hubby. I’ve been following your blog for years and have always been so appreciative of how you are so willing to share your sources with all of us. Ignore the haters and keep kicking ass and taking names (does anyone ever say that??).
    And to “Annon” – Having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal – go away.

  30. Looks like you are in good hands! We just finished a renovation. I think it’s always stressful but having a good contractor makes it so much easier. I love you blog and can’t wait to see how your house comes together!

  31. Go Erin, Go Erin, Go Erin! I’m a long time reader of your blog and wanted to send my support. I saw stuff on facebook about this posting today and had to leave a comment saying wishing you well as you continue your renovations. Its sad that some people project their insecurities all up on another – hope that person gets some peace because you don’t say that kind of thing to others if you are a happy person yourself. Meanwhile, you just keep on flying as you continue to make your home beautiful. Karma is real.

  32. Erin,
    I went to college with Todd briefly before he transferred. I knew he had worked on ATWT, but didn’t know what he was doing post soaps. Great to see he is doing well!
    And I can’t wait to see how he and his company transform your home. I look forward to seeing the whole process.
    Good luck with your renovation, and keep up the good work on the blog!

  33. Erin – please post as many photos of your handsome contractors as your amazing renovation! LOL. ;-)
    Seriously though, looking forward to all the cool pictures to come. And as far as that lame post from Annon (or whatever), isn’t it amazing that some people actually think that others really care what they think? What a moron – if they feel that way about a wonderful, fun blog, then why are they even reading it, let alone taking the time to comment? Sounds like a jealous former colleague or your competition trying to get back at you. You rock. Period.

  34. Hello? Hunky, much?! I can’t wait to see the finished house. I’m sure it will be amazing. You have great taste. Additional action shots of the guys be appreciated. Just sayin’ the contractors in Texas DO NOT look like that. ;-)

  35. If their work looks as good as they do, I think you’ve chose wisely!
    Can’t wait to check out their site, and really look forward to watching your home renovations unfold….so fun — for you and your readers!
    (Obviously Anon is one in a trillion, and just a mean spirited hack. First — Go girl for your rebuttal and sticking up for yourself! and Second — I’ve followed your blog for a few years and I’m always inspired. Love the blog and your style, keep it up!)

  36. i need these two (particularly mitch) to be the GC’s on my next project. good lord.

    and with *that* comment, i have officially become a dirty old man.

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