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Meet The Wellbuilt Company.

So it’s about time I introduced y’all to the people who are helping me turn my old little house slowly but surely into something fresh, new and modern.  From our first meeting I pretty much knew I was going to end up using The Wellbuilt Company to work on our house.  They were super responsive, flexible and totally down with the blog world (they have a great blog of their own you should check out). It seemed that principle and Boston office head Todd Rotondi and I saw eye to eye on everything and he had a sense of humor, super important in a stressful time like a renovation.  Of course one gander at their impressive portfolio and I knew they’d be good, but I wasn’t sure if they’d want to tackle my lower budget, zillion phase small home- but that’s why I’ve grown to love these guys in a short couple weeks. While they encompass the ability and skill set to work on the highest of the high end stuff, they like to get down and dirty with us normal folks too- kind of how I like to run my own business.  As good fit, it seems.

yeeeeah, like it says on their shirts “not your general contractors”

Todd, the GC on my project, grew up in a family of builders, becoming the 3rd generation of Rotondi men to embrace a career in construction.  Ironically (or perhaps less so if you’ve ever seen his charm in action) Todd also pursued his love for acting. In between building projects Todd landed staring roles in As The World Turns and short films such as Howl, where he played Jack Kerouac opposite James Franco.  So yes, ladies (and you few gents) I have a honest to goodness former soap star working on my house.  And yes, I’ve already tried prying for insider celebrity gossip, obviously.

From As the World Turns to a penthouse project to salvaging my totally gangsta old tile….flexibility in action.

Todd’s NYC based partner Mitch Kidd is a native of Australia and his passion for construction was cultivated at an early age through employment with a renowned Australian construction firm.  His diverse experience includes such highlights as being involved with the refurbishment of the Shangri La hotel in Sydney  and developing a 5 level luxury Sydney harbor residence.  Mitch started his American construction  career in Aspen, Colorado building luxury mountain homes and later followed his love of construction to New York where he soon met Todd and formed Wellbuilt. So if you are in the area and are looking to renovate or build, he’s your guy.

I kind of lost my cool when I found out that Wellbuilt has worked with one of my personal design heroes Celerie Kemble on projects in the Ritz Carlton Hotel residences and donating their services to work on her room at the Kips Bay Showhouse in 2011 (which is the only year I went- weird coincidence?) The company also appeared  on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice in early 2010,  competing to renovate two apartments over the span of 2 days for the tv series. They have now expanded to Boston and Australia and have plans for more expansion in the years to come. But first, getting my digs in shape for me to actually move into my work in progress next weekend… I honestly am still in denial about that part. God help me.

A residence designed by Celerie Kemble (I bow down) and executed by Wellbuilt.

Celerie’s Kips Bay room from last year they worked on (I remember wanting to sit in that pink double sided chaise somethin’ fierce.)

ANOTHER Celerie project they killed it on.

Melanie Fascitelli’s (owner of the famous Clos-ette) partnered with them on her own closet as featured in Lonny.

A Boston area kitchen renovation.

I totally dig their logo and shirts they all wear too. Hey, it speaks volumes as to their aesthetic, and design is all in the details, right?? :) I trust people more who have good logos. TRUTH.

If you live in the Boston or New York areas and are looking for renovation services be sure to check them out.

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