Front Door Dilemma

Ok, it’s not the biggest dilemma, but just one I’d like to solve as I think it’ll add a whole lotta cheer to my house, which right now feels like a construction site covered in dust. I need something to pick me up when I pull into the driveway that helps me not miss the city so much.  We are going to be painting our shutters black but the front door I think should be a bold color (especially since it’ll be temporary as down the road we plan to replace it with a new one with side windows from top to bottom to let more light into our teeny tiny entry.) Oh, but what COLOR???

Here it is. Notice I have some issues with it currently (remove railings, find new lights). Forgot to note that I hate my screen door too. All in good time, my pets. All in good time.

I have long loved yellow doors. Especially on white houses with black shutters. So that was my first inclination.

BUT I also looooove chartruese-y green too!

And turquoise looks lovely with white and black and brass accents!!!

And then there is the basic, but beautiful black-  too boring but it is lovely.

Which one is YOUR favorite?  Either way I think I’m going to give the new Benjamin Moore Grand Entrance paint a try.  It says it mimicks the enameled look seen on all those gorgeous doors in Europe! I bet there are other applications this would be good for, like furniture!

All these images are reminding me I need topiaries too. And a BANANAS brass door knocker. Like this insanely awesome fox one from Ivy & Vine.  Or this elephant one from Etsy.


  1. We have a small cottage like house completely shingled. We went with a nice medium gray for the exterior and I loved that Cottage Living cover so much I painted it a similar green. I ended up not loving it and switching it to a yellow so that’s funny you mentioned those colors. It’s easy enough to repaint if you don’t love it.

  2. Speaking of front doors, three years ago as a Christmas gift I bought my husband (a free-lance architect) a book titled “A History of Front Doors.” It was a cute little book that went through the various style, colors, windows, etc.

    I say go bold. Violet? Cobalt? Tangerine?

  3. I’m a fan of the turquoise… to me it feels more fun and flexible. I love your home and all your updates, I’m so inspired by your work!

  4. I loved all the cobalt blue doors I saw when I was in London a couple of years ago. Cobalt is trendy right now, but I personally think it’s a classic color. On a door, it is bold but also fun and welcoming. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  5. Do yellow or turquoise!! Now the buzz kill part of my comment. Not sure if you are planning to replace railings, just be careful about removing railings from your steps/porch entirely. We have had issues with our homeowners insurance-not all companies will cover a home with no railings …and it becomes an issue when selling a home, as the house buyers may have difficulty securing homeowners insurance before closing. I am sure you will be in your home for a while tho. hope you don’t mind the lecture…smile. Just wish someone had told us!

  6. My parents’ house is very similar in style and color to yours — white exterior with “black” shutters (they’re actually very, very deep green) — and my mom decided to do a salmon door. It looks amazing!

  7. We are twins separated at birth! I too have a white house with black shutters and my front door is currently geranium red. I have enjoyed the pop of color but now I’m feeling more adventurous! I have been going back and forth over lime green and turquois. I haven’t really thought about the yellow! WHAT AM I GONNA DO NOW! lol I can’t wait to see what you choose. Please post so I can copy!

  8. My vote: Black or soft yellow. ;-) I’m always a fan of avocado, too. Like the 70’s avocado. Not the super bright greens. But, as said above, you could change it easily (and seasonally!) if you wanted!

  9. down the road when you do decide to replace, you should save the door and use it somewhere else in the renovation. too pretty to totally lose it!

  10. I never cared for the look of a front door, the entrance to your home, painted black. I find when I view the house from a distance, if the door is black it appears to by a dark hole clearly not inviting to ones approaching guest, or neighbor passerby. Where as a color like glossy Benjamin Moore Heritage Red is a classic, timeless color, that works magic with the gray shingles you have already painted your home.

  11. I grew up in an early 19th century farm house in Maine- it’s a classic white house with black shutters, with a bright yellow door. My 11 year old self was horrified when my father informed me of his choice, but we negotiated and he let me choose the color. I selected “American Cheese” by Benjamin Moore:

    Fifteen years later, we’re still known as the “house with the yellow door” on Main St. and I love it!

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