Proof the Fashion World Has Gone Mad

First it was shoulder pads. And drop crotch Hammer pants. Then neon (which I’m not opposed to).  All building a case against the sanity of the fashion world and those that rule it. The 80’s were heinous enough the first time around.

But this. This is just NUTS.

Airbrushed sweatshirts from (Balenciaga and Givenchy) are not only back in “fashion” but cost a gazillion dollars??? REALLLLLLLYY????

Hells to the N-O.

Absolutely not. No.

I mean, this whole outfit. What the….

In the words of Liz Lemon, “That’s a dealbreaker, ladies!”

As if these weren’t horrific enough, the little ruffled collar is just a kick in the gut.

Call me “unsophisticated”. but I. Don’t. Get. It.


  1. Oh my….it was awkward enough enduring high school and then college in the unfortunate fashions of the 80’s! I won’t be doing it again anytime soon! Thanks for the laugh, though!

  2. Creativity and ingenuity are hard to come by in fashion…specifically in the respective Houses of Balenciaga and Givenchy. Shame on them and shame on any woman who choses to wear those horribly tailored sleeves. They obviously don’t need the money. I’ll just go get a black gargage bag and render my own little airbrushed masterpiece…not!


  3. Hilarious, and awful. I think the look on the face of the model wearing the fugly sweatshirt with the blue ruffled skirt says it all.

  4. Finally ! Your article was so refreshing and beyond funny. Best part is that you are right. Fashion victims the whole lot of them. That Russian Miroslava dudette is all over the place, I am so sick of her. She has style ? Heck, the homeless are better dressed. Some of the trends I am seeing are so ridiculous that you begin to wonder if those wearing them are either stupid or getting a gazillion of dough for wearing them. I have almost puked at the latest camo trend and those incredibly ugly Campbell shoes, resplendent with spikes.

    The worst thing I have seen is the Anna del Shit stuff coming out in October for H & M. Don’t get me started on how tacky, cheap, stinky (probably smell like the Marni-H&M stuff) and Made in China, those things are. If she needs more Botox and several plastic operations, I know I will not be the one financing her extravagances.

    Keep your sanity and bank accounts intact, listen to your inner voice and stick with what you think fits you, your body and your budget.

  5. Hahaha sooo true~ Is ridiculous and just butt ugly, and the price? Don’t even get me started!
    What is Nicolas Ghesquiere thinking?!

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