Fashion Friday: Classic Cool

There are just some women who always look so effortlessly cool and unique every single time you see them- no one in my circle of friends is more this way then fellow blogger/ editor/ duchess (of her line Dunes & Duchess) Stacy Kunstel.  The other night we were at an event at the Boston Design Center and I was just so BEYOND enamored with her outfit- a knee length vintage (of course) leather skirt with gold chain detail belt and simple cashmere fitted sweater. I mean, I dragged my assistant around the party just to SEE her outfit. But she always looks so awesome and is such an inspiration for me to personally dress better, bolder and more unique.  The thing is, she always looks CLASSIC too- so hard to pull off.  So here is an outfit inspired by her awesome look.  Complimented by a subtle berry lip, a clean cat eye and some sparkly yet bad-ass jewels I think this is an outfit women of many ages could wear!

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  1. I know what you mean, sometimes I spy someone who takes the trendy out of the equation and just BRINGS the CHIC. It makes me want to run to the bathroom and take my burgundy skinny jeans and wedge sneakers off on the spot! I think your style is much more classic than you give yourself credit for! XOXO

  2. Hah! I JUST “won” a “vintage” leather skirt (trumpet bottom)…bought some leather tassels for my last year’s boots…it’s a start… franki

  3. I love that skirt. It’s an item I don’t think I would know what to do with in the store, but I love it paired with the camel sweater. Too bad you didn’t get a pic of her actual outfit, it would have been fun to see!

  4. I worked with Stacy for 7 years and could not agree more. The most stylish person I’ve ever known in real life! And so unique and effortless…loved the chain belt.

  5. Such a chic outfit! I always look at someone’s amazing outfit and think “wait… why didn’t I think of that?” and then copy it hahaha – imitation is the finest form of flattery!

  6. Stacy purchased the Dolce and Gabanna sweater and the vintage leather skirt at my store, B. Johnstone & Co. 4 North Main Street, Kent,CT 06757. Come see us!
    She is a dear friend and an incredibly fun ‘doll’ to play dress up with!

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