Fashion Friday: What To Wear In L.A.?

I’m headed to Los Angeles for a week for some events, filming and the O You! Conference for my Oprah/ IKEA partnership and I need some casual but cool outfits to wear!  Now, I am kind of (and by kind of I mean in the debilitating, sweaty kind of way) stressed about what to wear not only on camera but also to an event with like a zillion people and OPRAH herself.  Oh, and did I mention I have about 5 hours to figure it out because this weekend is also my high school reunion? Yeah, I’m trying to stay calm but it’s not really working out so awesome.

So my plan is to 1) run to J.Crew and 2) buy whatever I see. Why is it that whenever I need amazing outfits I have no time or money but when I do have time and money I can’t find a freaking thing???? One redeeming thing is that when I had my O shoot they stylist gave me this pretty fierce pair of purple velvet Rachel Zoe tuxedo pants- since that outfit isn’t the one that ran in the mag, why not finally wear them? I found this adorable Joie top in the same shades of purple and an amazing lucite necklace from Kate Spade that I also wore at the shoot. Paired with a black faux fur vest and my black Loubs, H bracelet and Kors watch I think I’m good to go for one outfit at least (IKEA launch event?)

1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6./ 7.

For something a little more preppy but fun is this green silk pant/ navy sweater combo.  I threw in my signature leopard in the shoes and doused it with chunky gold accessories and one of the KILLER new Coach Legacy bags (anything with a tassel slays me, seriously!) Might be good for the conference, no?

1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6./ 7.

Still empty handed for on camera look though so please wish me luck in pulling it together!


  1. Erin – I was in the same panic a few weeks ago for a bunch of photo shoots and the opening party of our new store. I dug deep into the birthday fund and went to Calypso. Their line this Fall is AMAZING. I could have bought a million things. I got some perfect pieces, all of which I can mix and match. Might be worth checking it out? It took me one hour to pull four looks together.

  2. Wow, for someone working last minute- these outfits are MAJ!!! On camera, I would love to see you in an Equipment python-print loose fitting silk blouse, black skinny trousers and the black Loubs. Red lips too. Why not finish with a brightly colored Clare Vivier clutch (you will wear it to pieces). Rooting for you!! XOXO

  3. ERIN! love your outfits above- they’re HOOOOOOTTTTT. making me wish two things: 1. that I did not get rid of Banana Republic purple velvet jeans in the 90s and 2. that I had bought stella mc teal velvet suit in early 2000s.

    Now on to YOU! how exciting!!!!

    I style a lot of peeps for on camera- biz owners and politicians mostly.

    #1 thing is pick something that doesn’t show sweat.

    Pretty much rules out a ton of silk pieces. or too many layers (remember it’s not super cold there, and under the lights you’ll be roasting).

    You’re a gorgeous girl and my go-to for on-camera appearances for ladies like you is a classic DVF dress in a print (again, hides sweat). because of the tie, they’re easy to mic and the neckline frames your face.

    you have great hair so leaving it down keeps it from being too showy (look at my decolletage!)

    I also love the Calypso for fall line (and Cali is soooo different style wise from Boston, but be true to your preppy/classic roots too- they serve you well).

    also, you’re itty bitty, so i would do something form fitting up top if you go with separates vs a dress.

    Oh yeah, Roland Mouret has some sick dresses in colors that look great on camera too and they go on sale from time to time.

    hope you have fun each and every step of this magical journey you are on. thanks for sharing it with us!


  4. Great outfits. FYI, its going to be 80+ degrees in LA next week. I am also there, from the East Coast, for work. Kinda changes up the wardrobe.

  5. EEEEK! So excited for you – what an experience that is going to be. I love the second outfit.. I share with you an obsession of leopard and animal print in general. Can’t wait to hear about your little adventure!

  6. I love those Rachel Zoe pants like whoa. I live near LA and work in downtown LA, and although it is going to be warm next week, the temperature starts to drop at 6:00 and the sun is pretty much down by 6:30 this time of year. It won’t get that cold (around 60) but you’ll want some layers.

  7. Super excited but I also understand how anxiety ridden this is for you. But rest assured that as a total outsider – whenever you appear in print/professional photos that you share – I think you always look super pulled together and stylish. Good luck and enjoy.

  8. beautiful! good luck! don’t forget how warm it is out here!! i know it’s hard to picture if you’re coming from cooler weather but it’s still toasty in LA!

  9. LOVE the outfits! Pants are ridiculous and the necklace is fab. Wanted to buy the vest until I realized it’s real fur. Did you know??? Otherwise, perfect outfit. You’ll look great! Have fun!

  10. You get to tell everyone at your high school reunion that you’re flying out to LA in a few hours for the launch you’re partnering with Oprah on? It’s like Romy and Michelle, but you’re not lying…

  11. love both and you will rock whatever you put on your fab little bod! Have a great time at both, take a deep breath and enjoy! This is the time of your life….!

  12. Erin, I just flew home from Philly today and bought my November issue of O mag at the airport. I was so excited to see a familiar face as the “Design Expert”. Congratulations! You looked great!

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