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Prep Reunion

This past weekend was my 15th high school reunion. Besides being in near shock over the fact that time has flown at a terrifying clip, it was so nice to go back to one of my favorite places of my past.  You see, unlike most people I LOVED high school and HATED college.  And when I refer to high school, I mean the two years I spent as a boarding student at the famed Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, CT.  I began high school in my local public school as a painfully shy and very ill girl. After having to withdraw from school to reside in a hospital and work on getting healthy I did not want to go back into the situation I had left and so looked into enrolling in a private school.  After touring many I knew the very second I stepped onto the MPS campus that it was where I needed to be, and luckily it was an option for me. It was a scary prospect for my parents as I was fresh out of the hospital and not quite “cured”.  But the gamble they took by letting me go was the decision that not only saved me from my disease but also was the catalyst that made me who I am today.

(the MPS ring)

When I tell most people that I went to all girls school they look at me with an “awww, I’m sorry” face and I have to interject and tell them it was not only my choice but one of the best ones I ever made.  I was cared for, inspired, supported and enveloped by a community of teachers and girls with whom I will forever have a bond.  I learned to be brave, try new things, take care of myself and enjoy being my age and not feel rushed to grow up.  Unlike the school’s reputation of yesteryear as a “finishing school”, it was a place where we felt comfortable wearing sweats or pearls (sometimes both together) and being smart and working hard was cool. I’m scared that places like this are going extinct for women in this country. And coming back together this weekend, I was reminded of how lucky I am to have had that time, in that place , with those women and how it’s shaped me in such indelible ways.  And while we all have lead vastly different lives since leaving Farmington, the bonds we share made it the easiest thing in the world to share some laughs, a lot of wine and remember how far we’ve come.

The other thing that going back reminded me of is how much I love preppy style :) Farmington is such a classic New England town and the school itself is beyond stunning.  It made me want to buy a ton of cable sweaters and riding boots and hang a thousand framed paintings on my wall! Here’s a collection of images and items that bring me back to good ol’ Farmington!

Chatelles Paris slippers/ Jackie O (fellow alumnae)

I would sell an organ for some Leontine Linens monogrammed bedding.

Cambridge Cable Sweater/ Staffordshire dogs

Monogrammed stationery by Sugar Paper

I die for these flats/classic oil painting in a gilded frame

The Hovey Sister’s wallpaper via Anthro/ classic trench

Barbour jacket/ Tory Burch green (amazeballs) bag

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