A Little House Update

As we are preparing to break ground (or, walls) January 2nd for our kitchen I have done a few little things around the house to make it look a bit better- one of which is painting me up some new nightstands! One my amazing clients (whose home I CANNOT wait to show you) offered up her old Williams Sonoma Home nightstands to me when her new ones arrived.  Clearly she remembered me drooling over them and mentioning how I’d coveted them for years- especially since they stopped making them.

They needed a little love though, with some water marks and cracking.  Plus I wanted them in white.  So after getting some quotes to have them refinished ( a small fortune) I decided to try myself first since I had nothing to lose. I could always have them professionally redone if I screwed up (which was likely since I am NO DIY-er).

After sanding and spraying primer on these bad boys I went in for the kill… and made a GREAT choice by going with Valspar’s gloss white spray paint.  AMAZING. No drips, awesome coverage and perfect color. Go get yourself some if you are planning to paint anything- the color selection is fantastic too!

TA-DA! I didn’t care about painting the pavement because we are tearing it up come spring to put in a new paaaaattttiiiiooooo!!!!!! (said in Oprah’s Favorite Things voice). I bought some spray poly to finish them off and made the mistake of not checking with fab DIY ninjas like Jenny Komenda first and bought the wrong kind- even though it said CLEAR, it turned yellow immediately. So i had to sand it off and repaint another coat and then use the LGN approved Polycrylic. Phew.

Now that they are in place I LOVE LOVE them. The tiered structure is perfect for someone like me who has candles, Kindles, books, earrings and lots of crap to place bedside. New mercury glass lamps via Homegoods too.

Man, I need new bedding. And a bigger rug.

Are you so curious about my little tray though?

BAM! The new item for the Erin Gates for Jill Rosenwald line- tiny trays with monograms! :)

**And the picture Andrew posted on Match.com that got me to click on him. Thank you internets.

And fresh outta the kiln the morning, MUGS TOO! Available in tan and black colorways! Email me to order [email protected]!


  1. LOVE the tray! I have some trays that my grandmother and great-grandmother used, and I love the idea of having a monogrammed one to add to the collection and to eventually pass down. I also love the Match photo in a frame…so sweet! Nice job with those nightstands!

  2. The tables look amazing! I’m so happy you posted because I have a bar cart that I’ve been wanting to refinish and this just gave me a little motivation.

  3. If you’re getting new bedding, I’d be happy to take the grey dot pillows off your hands… er bed? Love the bedside tables. Jealous of all the space for books, sound machine, clock, water bottles, kindle, jewelry, you name it!

  4. Love this post. I have a side table that I love but needs some major love and I have been avoiding it. But, this post makes that project feel doable. So thanks….and your tray and mugs kick ass. Good work. :)

  5. They look great and thanks for the DIY tips, great, useful information. Post some more info about your new patio, please…., now is the time to start planning spring projects and we so need a patio area, (our backyard and deck got dug up/destroyed when we had a new septic system installed during the summer). Thanks Erin, and can’t wait for the kitchen project!

  6. I love your nightstands – you did an awesome job!! What did you use as a primer AND how long did it take to dry? I have a desk that I would like to do over, but I’m curious to know how long I’ll have to leave it outside to dry.

  7. These look amazing! What a generous client you have! The Homegoods lamps are gorgeous as well – they always have the BEST lamps for next to nothing. Great finds!

  8. Seriously, good work! I am inspired. I have been toying around with the idea of purchasing an IKEA dresser, lacquering it and then adding some chic overlays. I am a bit intimidated by the whole process so seeing your work and knowing you are not a DIY’er makes me think maybe (just maybe) I could pull it off. Best, Beth

  9. I love this! What a great addition to your room. Love seeing Lulu and Georgia’s ad up on your sidebar, too :) (I work there!:))

    Happy Wednesday xoxo

  10. Congrats on the nightstand score. You did a great job with them and I LOVE your pops of coral with the grey walls!

  11. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (in my best Gayle King voice) ;-) your nightstands! They look amazing. You did a great job. I am also loving that little tray and will be ordering one or ten, for sure.

  12. Now…wasn’t that FUN?!?! Your night tables are unique…and that tray, etc. perfect! Once you start with Valspar…one can get “hooked”…I just gilded 52 hydrangea blossoms metallic gold with an overshot of pink glitter for the tree and then…. franki

  13. Looks great. We seem to be doing the exact same things right now. We have knocked down our wall to open the kitchen up. Our new HUGE patio is half way done. The electrician is working as I type and our cabinet install will (hopefully) happen around The middle of January. Our colors are very similar too, I haven’t seen the chandelier you plan on using in your dining room? I ordered the Copenhagen chandelier from Serena and Lily. Can’t wait to see yours done!

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