Fashion Friday: Best of Beauty Picks

It’s that time of year where not only do you have to get dolled up for lots of events and parties but it’s also happens to be cold and dry- which wreaks havoc on skin (my skin at least).  So in an effort to help with both issues here are some of my all time favorite products for holiday season (or really any season!)  And some of these make excellent gifts for other who might be beauty product obsessed too!

1. I have been trying to find a replacement for years for my beloved (RIP) Chanel Teint Innocence foundation and Urban Decay’s Naked is the first product I’ve found that I’ve liked enough to buy twice! A really amazing texture, light yet layer-able without looking like heavy makeup. Plus it has good for your skin ingredients too. I have been hearing RAVE reviews for Armani’s Maestro foundation so I’m going to try that next!

2. I’m all about eyeshadow palettes because they are so fabulous to travel with- this new Bobbi Brown one is my new favorite with a collection of the very best colors that can create  a neutral work look or a glitzy party one.

3. The best mascara out there bar-none! No clumps, super dark and incredible volume and length.

4. I am not a lipstick girl and I only use things I can apply without a mirror- this Plum shade of Fresh’s famous balms ads a pop of natural color while keeping lips conditioned (plus it smells and tastes amazing). The coral color is super fun for holiday parties too!

5. I have been a dedicated user of YSL’s Touche Eclat for a decade- but I did try Givenchy’s Mister Light pen the other day and was tres impressed! It took my tired eyes from sad to sparkling in an instant.

6. My favorite product for skin as of late…. Josie Maran’s Argan Oil is just heaven for the skin- moisturizing and imparts a lovely glow without making skin greasy at all. And all natural with the bonus of being awesome for hair and cuticles too!

7. I am totally obsessed with Paul Mitchell’s Wild Ginger Awaphui shampoo, conditioner and styling oil.  It had made an insane, noticeable difference in my dry hair by deeply moisturizing without any weight. Floored.

8. For “just went ice skating” flush try Nars blush in Mata Hari. So pretty.

9. For seriously glam, sparkly, metallic eyes nothing beats Armani’s Eyes to Kill shadows.

10. I have yet to use a treatment eye cream that truly makes a difference in the appearance of my undereyes- so instead I have turned to just looking for fabulous moisture and I love Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment for winter months. Simple and does it’s job- plus easy on eyes for us contact wearers.

11. THE BEST.  Tons of hype, but oh so worth it.  Nothing keeps skin supple in the dry winter months like this stuff. Nothing.  The makeup artist who worked on me in LA said it was her fave product ever invented and has kept her skin wrinkle free (and girlfriend looked GOOD.)

12.  & 13. I don’t use eye liner pencils or pens, only cake liner and a skinny flat eyeliner brush.  I feel it gives a softer line but can be done wet for more dramatic liquid look.

14. For those who love outdoor adventures in the winter (or summer) this UV/ SPF protector is amazing! A liquid that feel fresh on skin but really works at protecting from the elements.


  1. Hey Erin. Just wanted to say thank you for taking all the time on all the gift guides! You have provided me with lots of inspiration and many “oooohhh I need that” moments! You are making it easy to shop and be shopped for! Grazi!

  2. Thanks Erin! I love the Benefit mascara too but I have so much trouble getting it off at night. Do you have that problem?

  3. Kristie: You are MOST welcome, thanks for reading. :)
    Heather- YES, it is hard to get off but I just use the ol’ Abolene cream my mom used when I was growing up and it takes it right off!

  4. I agree about that mascara, amazing. On someone fair like myself it really makes you look like you’re wearing fake lashes. Thanks for your list.

  5. Thanks for all the fantastic gift recommendations and these great beauty tips, Erin! I still have you to thank for opening up my eyes to the Sultra curling iron and La Mer Moisturizer Cream from a previous post – now I don’t know how I ever lived without these items. I am going to try that Benefit Mascara – I was looking to try something new (I’ve been using Diorshow Iconic and have been pretty happy w/ it). Have a nice weekend!

  6. I do not go to bed without applying La Mer Gel Creme on my face. It’s the best. Seriously. I’ve been using for 3+ years and I can’t shake the stuff.

  7. Hey Erin! These are some great picks and I’m going to try a couple. I have a question about #12 though. As I age – gracefully, I hope – my eyes are getting a bit heavy lidded and I have issues with eye liner transfer to my upper eyelid. Does this Bobby Brown stay put? I’ve used her other formulas, and they do – just curious about this. Thanks…love your blog!

  8. Heather and Erin: I use that mascara as well. What works for me is to wet my fingers with warm water and hold them on my lashes for just a bit and then gently pull away. Depending on how coated I went, I do this several times, until the mascara is gone. This loosens the mascara and gently removes it from the lashes – of course, I’m left with major raccoon eyes, but then I do my other cleansing routines and all is well.

  9. I second the Paul Mitchell Wild Ginger line…it’s the absolute BEST for taming frizz. I LOVE this line.

  10. yes!! just what i asked for- a product list! i have some of these and will def check out some of the others…thanks erin

  11. Your timing was perfect – I was in need of new foundation, and though lately my makeup indulgence has been Laura Mercier, I was still struggling with the coverage. Naked feels totally flawless and the application is lovely! I maaaaay have picked up the Benefit mascara while I was at Sephora as well. Guilty!

  12. You SHOULD try Armani Maestro Foundation. I just got it last week and I think it’s the best makeup I’ve ever used! You will love it (love your blog!).

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