Fashion Friday: New Years

As I type this I feel like I’ve been attacked by the plague… so I am going to rest up and take Monday and Tuesday off from blogging so perhaps I can enjoy the holiday season, including New Years.  I typically don’t like going out on New Years as the holiday constantly doesn;t live up to the glittery expectations we all have for it.  This year I’ll be spending it in Aruba- so it’s guaranteed to be good. But here are two looks for the night- if you are staying in with friends or going out and painting the town red.

And stay tuned for a big announcement on December 31…. :)

**P.S. I promise to cool it with the leopard in 2013

Staying In: top// jeans// shoes// earrings// watch// bag

Going Out: dress// jacket// shoes// earrings// ring


  1. I hope you are feeling better in time for Christmas and for your well-deserved break. Thanks for all the great posts this year Erin.

    Pru xx

  2. More leopard! And can’t wait for the announcement! Hope you feel better for the holidays. Enjoy the break!

  3. happy holidays to you and those you love! Thanks for another wonderful year of sharing your world. Your home is looking great, and I can’t wait to learn of your announcement Dec 31. Take care and begin the new year ready to shine all over again! (and please dont stop the leopard!)

  4. Aruba! It took me a minute to get over my insane jealousy before I could look at anything. I do love that black lace dress. Have a great Christmas and a great trip!

  5. Erin,
    Danny and I (HB Home)are also going to be in Aruba during new years! We are at the Rui Palace, we’ve never been to Aruba, hopefully we will love it, I’m sure the weather will be great!

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