Holiday Window Boxes

It’s really nice to come home.  With a little bit of money and a lot of sweat equity (which I think contributed to Andrew’s recent rotator cuff surgery), our little house is looking damn cute if I do say so myself.  Basically all we’ve done so far is paint the shutters and doors black and add window boxes, but what a difference it made! We got our window boxes from my Dad’s favorite source Walpole Woodworkers,  which is also an amazing resource for fencing, trellis and sheds. I want to replace our rickety old shed with THIS ONE! (If you had told me a year ago I would have a SHED on my wishlist I would have laughed at you).  My mom has generously been doing our window boxes for us so I asked her to tell me how she does them after being asked by some followers on Instagram for a tutorial. Initially her response was ” just cut stuff and jam it in the boxes!”  But after telling her that garden skills don’t come as naturally to all of us she ended up giving me a little more detail, and it is actually pretty easy!

 I put florist foam in the boxes first, then add potting soil. I cut various evergreens including leafy ones like Mountain Laurel, Boxwood, Rhododendron, Holly andWinterberry– whatever is available in the yard at the time (or your local nursery/grocery store).  Then you can add Red Twig Dogwood, or you can spray paint any twigs red, white or metallic and stick them in.  Add some pine cones too! I start at the outer edges with the longest, fluffiest branches, varying the textures, and end with the shortest in the center.  At our house I put a miniature Christmas tree in the center and pomegranates or apples on florist sticks for some natural color.  Anything goes! 

Here’s the front of our house decorated for the holidays- I need to add a bow to the wreath. Chartreuse, I think. I should probably get on that since Xmas is, like, in 5 minutes. Also of note, our new beeeeyooootiful lanterns from Northeast Lantern. **Please note, we have NOT replaced the bushes and such in front of the house. They are pretty ratty right now- but just you wait until spring!

Looking at this I am realizing I need new numbers. Hmmmm.

It’s so charming to come home to all this greenery- especially with a twinkly tree in the window!

Here are some others I’m loving for the holiday season!


(via The Impatient Gardener)


  1. Our window box is from Walpole too – they have the best stuff ($$ aside!). They also have a “scratch and dent” barn too, which tends to have nicely discounted items – most items you can barely see the imperfections. Thank your mom for the tutorial – I was one of the people who asked on Instagram!

    Happy Holidays Erin!

  2. Very pretty. Great gardening tips. I would add some tiny white lights. Pretty tree, love by the window.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. I have a shed from Walpole (slightly bigger than that one, just as adorable) at my old house and I was obsessed with it! I had a tiny cottage on the cape, and the shed looked like it’s tinier twin. I too never thought I would be so obsessed with a shed but it happens!

  4. Beautiful photos.

    I was wondering how your husband’s rotator cuff surgery went. I’ve been dealing with a bicep tendonitis/rotator cuff “injury” from when I had a broken foot back in March. I believe it was from the crutches. I’ve been on a wait list with a specialist for a cortisone shot since July. I’m just hoping I won’t need surgery.

    Thank you.

  5. That’s what Mom’s do!! Now…the big question…will the bow be on the top of the wreath…or the bottom…. franki
    p.s. Chartreuse is perfect!

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