Monochromatic Magic

I have made the executive decision that most of my house (the main living level, anyways) will be only done in black, white, tan, grey, wood tones and brass.  This is pretty much the polar opposite of how I’ve decorated my past spaces but I feel like I’m in a different place mentally and spatially.  Our house is TINY.  It doesn’t look tiny from the outside but it is. And the ceilings are pretty low.  So the light grey walls, white trim and soon to be dark floors really help make it feel bigger.  I am constantly stimulated by color during the day while working on other homes so I really want my new space to feel calm and serene.  And it’s as if the people at Lonny read my MIND with their new issue because so many of the spaces they featured were exactly the palette I’m working with!

The Copenhagen house of the couple behind the fashion label Day Birger et Mikkelsen has me writhing in delight. It’s pretty much my perfect space (if you add a dash of leopard or zebra somewhere). This living room is proof that warm and cool neutrals can live a very happy life together.

I mean seriously? Can I please live here?

OH! There is some zebra! See, it is perfect (well, I’d add a smidge of art tot he walls in this room)

I’ve just passed out from looking at this bathroom. Can you even believe that tub? However, I could never shower in the open like that. It would be a little wierd to be showering right next to Andrew brushing his teeth.

This is what heaven looks like. Except in my version there is a TV with The Notebook on repeat in there too.

This stylin’ studio apartment they also feature is like a smaller scale version of the house above.

SUCH a stylish little darling!

A desk under a desk? Genius.

I am straight up obsessed with Haven’s Kitchen, also featured. A cooking school meets coffee shop meets foodie pantry meets event space? It’s to die for gorgeous! I must go my next trip to NYC!

And this is a public service announcement for my husband: THIS CLUTCH FOR CHRISTMAS. MY CHRISTMAS SPIRIT DEPENDS ON IT.


  1. I love these images! The first few are just perfect. You’ll love dark floors, white trim, and gray walls. That’s what we did when we remodeled and I couldn’t be happier.

  2. Thanks for sharing Erin! What color grey are you painting your living room walls? I’m thinking about changing the paint color in our Dining Room.

  3. Love this post. I recently moved into an apartment half the size of my last one, switching from pops of bright color to all neutral tones. It was a gradual process, gradually moving out pillows and throws, even kitchen bowls. I am so happy I did because my space is very calming and serene now. Plus, I think the color scheme appeals to my husband more :)

  4. I want that kitchen with the black cabinets and the black painted window frames. Don’t know why that that industrial style black frame has always been a love of mine! Thanks for letting me drool. Love those images!

  5. I love these looks! I think monochromatic is great because it does have that serene feel, but these photos show that it is anything but boring! I love all the picture frame wall galleries.


  6. That Lonny issue totally killed it. I agree that sticking with a limited palette in a small space is a good idea – it kind of forces you to really pay attention to the materials you choose too. Some how luxurious materials look that much better when they have a calm environment to stand out from.

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more! I looked at Lonny today and thought the same thing- the combination of textures and shapes in that living room perfect : brown sofa/black chairs/ brass tables + super cool empty frame vignette. It makes me weep! I also LOVED the desk under desk idea!

  8. I truly love the way some blogs have little wishes and plugs for their own dreams and desires. Love to wake up there and with that clutch on Christmas morning.

  9. i fell in love w/this spread in lonny too. after collecting piles of b+w living spaces for years, i finally realized it was time to convert my own house.(duh!) over the past year it’s almost completely transformed and i LOVE it! feels larger, more serene, more masculine (in the best way), and so easy to update seasonally. can’t wait to see your photos.

  10. Ok. I love that house as much as you. With the added dash of leopard or zebra! (I just received another leopard clothing item to add to my collection..obsession, I tell you!) And I think I must check out Lonny now, I’ve never really looked at it!

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