Brooklyn’s Finest

Can we please discuss the amazing home of landscape designer Miranda Brooks and her family in Brooklyn featured on It looks like they live in upstate New York!  But it’s in the CITY! How is this possible? And how are they all this cute? This whole thing has ripped a hole in  the space time continuum for me. Does not compute.


I know it’s hard to notice the floors when there is a HORSE in the room, but they are pretty amazing.



I want to go to there.


I will never tire of wallpaper like this. I hope to someday have a budget that allows it.


Can you even deal with this bathtub? Like, right in the middle of a room?





More cuteness.


Showing how kids art can be amazing when hung gallery style- with frames or without.


This is the roofdeck shed- now a potting shed. I’m serious.


They have bunnies. In Brooklyn. Hipster bunnies.




Oh, and their wedding. Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh.

miranda-brooks-wedding (1)

Love her bohemian look in the first picture? Yeah, me too. Here’s a way to get that carefree “I live in Brooklyn” look for yourself:


jeans // top // boots // bracelet // earrings


  1. Absolutely Love her! Doesn’t she remind you of a young Sigourney Weaver??? Bucket List item – marry rich and hire Miranda Brooks to do my backyard (someone’s got to afford it!)

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Their home is absolutely amazing! It feels like a fairy tale- a horse in a house in Brooklyn?! And I’d love living in the city if I could be surrounded by all that greenery!

  3. You can’t keep a horse at home in Brooklyn. The horse was brought in for an Alice in Wonderland tea party for the kids. We do have trees in Brooklyn, parks and grass too. Love the wallpaper. The first photo they look like brother and sister, cute blouse.

  4. Hipster bunnies, haha. I think if I lived in NYC I’d have to go in the same direction of decorating-natural, light, a little country. It’s not my normal style, but it counters city life so well.

  5. I remember the spread on the wedding…unreal. This is absolutely ridic. Totally Provencal. Aix-En-Brooklyn. I had to wipe the slobber off my keyboard. Now, if I can just figure out how to emulate it in suburban Texas…

  6. I do live in Brooklyn! <3 I was at Ikea in Brooklyn on Saturday (asking myself What Would Erin Gates Do?) and thought: Surely there is no more culturally diverse place in America than this Ikea right now. 2.5 million people and so much awesome.

  7. Hipster bunnies, ha! This is one of my very favorite homes of all time. I rarely see an interior that makes me think, “Yes, that is perfection. I could live there,” but this one does. I nearly died when I saw this in Vogue for the very same reason: this is the CITY?? Really??? MB is gorgeous. Love your fashion take on it, as always!

  8. Thanks Lorrie. I am a born and raised Brooklynite. I took a group of employees to Brooklyn and heard the same type of comments because we actually have houses. Brooklyn rocks!

  9. Lovely post, we had chickens when we lived in brooklyn from our little easter chicks that grew up, we had a little garden in our backyard, my mom grew roses and lilies, yes there are lots of trees and parks there. Really enjoyed this post, :J

  10. Swoon! I was in love as soon as I saw the first photo of Miranda and her husband– that blouse! The woman has style! And, as far as her home, I’m speechless except for I NEED that headboard.

  11. LOL, this stuff never ceases to make me laugh. I grew up in Brooklyn. (now in Manhattan permanently) But my point being that while I can’t particularly say I don’t admire their style, it’s in no way representative of what “the real Brooklyn” is. It’s more of a transplant sort of created idea of “Brooklyn.” Oh well, this may be falling on deaf ears but native New Yorkers will get it.

  12. Does anybody knows who is the designer of the blouse she is wearing? It looks like it could be Oscar de la Renta? If I can’t have the home I’ll take the blouse!

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