My Ad for IKEA and OWN!

I am working feverishly on my Golden Globes fashion post!  In the meantime, a reader tweeted that she saw my ad for IKEA on TV the other night and now that I’ve found it online I wanted to share it.  This is what I filmed in LA a few months ago and was one of the coolest experiences of my life (and scary, as you can probably tell from the nervous tremble in my voice!)  Working on The Life Improvement Project has been so fantastic- and check out my new full page ad in this month’s O Magazine too!


  1. See, I told you, you looked great in your 1st ever commercial! It was funny, because nothing was really on, and I stopped at the OWN network. Then I started playing on line, and I hear something about IKEA. My ears perked up and then they said Erin Gates. I said what? Is that Erin from Elements of Style? I looked up at the TV and there you were, in all of your glory! We are all so proud of you! Way to go, kid!

  2. You were awesome Erin! I’ve been a dedicated reader of your blog for a few years now and am so happy for all your success. Your truly an inspiration girl!

  3. Ditto Regina above! So fun to finally to have a voice go with your pic. Just adore your blog. Hate to miss a day

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