Pattern Play


I was fabric sourcing at the design center yesterday and found myself drawn to this classic tumbling cube pattern for a desk chair on a project at Osbourne & Little.  It seems modern and yet I know it’s based on a historical pattern (and seems very French in a way).  I then starting noticing it everywhere!

file2.axd file.axd

The same tumbling cube pattern seen in a gorgeous marble floor…


Image (2)



At Axel Vervoort’s castle some fo the floors are this pattern in parquetry. Amazing (the rest I could do without).


Then I became kind of obsessed with this Pierre Hardy bag and iPad sleeve (if I had an iPad, which I think I need to cave and get)! So classic and not as overdone like the similar Goyard prints.

PIER-WY7_V1 180778_in_l

These iPhone cases add just a hint of it to your life.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 7.08.19 AM

Or maybe just a throw like this Adler one….

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 7.16.49 AM

Still trying to find a great rug version of this pattern.  I think it could be gorgeous is light neutrals to ease the dizzying effect it can sometimes have.  Any thoughts? Seen one?


  1. I have the Pierre Hardy bag with black straps, and I always get a ton of compliments. It’s great to wear with a lot of neutrals. Also great for traveling as a carry-on.

  2. My brother painted this pattern on his walls in place he lived in, in London. It was a larger scale, really cool idea for an entry way where he had it.

  3. Old Arabic origins, in quilts the pattern is called ‘tumbling blocks’ and has been around forever. It’s very three dimensional looking, don’t know as I would want it large on a floor or it would be called ‘tumbling woman’.

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