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Renovation Updates: Kitchen, Floors and My Self Doubt

There was a ton of progress made last week on our house!  We are about 2 weeks from being completely done with the kitchen and I am feeling both insanely excited and “not sleeping” nervous-  my self doubt about design decisions are creeping in in dark corners of my mind and I have to work hard to bat them away in favor of gratitude and confidence!

Lets start with the floors- we are still living upstairs where the floors are done while the Wellbuilt crew waits for for the appliances, counters and cabinets to be finished up before they do their last coat of poly.  But one thing I am VERY happy about is the color! Dark but not too dark and shiny but not glossy. Perfect!


A close up of the finish- as I mentioned before, I have white oak floors and this was a 50/50 mix of Minwax Ebony and Jacobean.


However, even while these are not super dark floors, you guys were right- vacuuming daily is going to be a new hobby for me!  One thing I am pondering is whether or not to paint or banister railing white like the spindles or attempt to match it to the floors- because it’s so old and darkly stained my dad and others have said it’ll be nearly impossible to get it the same color…. which will bug me.  So I keep coming back to this image.  I’m doing a similar runner, our floors are close and this even looks just like our banister!  Thoughts?


The amazing team at Vermont Custom Cabinetry worked tirelessly to fit my new cabinets onto my somewhat uneven floor (damn old subfloors!)  Seriously, they stayed until 7:30 on Friday night to make sure we could get our template done for our counters the next day!)  I am thrilled with the layout and insanely solid quality of the cabinets so far!  Our kitchen is small, but we are going to have so much storage and it opened up the space SO much!


I lost a lot of sleep regarding the color of the lower cabinets- I thought I should have done all white, then though I should have done grey uppers too- then decided I had made the right call given our space except…. I wish I had gone a little darker on the grey.  The color choice TORTURED me as you might remember…. and I was too scared going any darker would make our already dark kitchen too bottom heavy with the dark floors.  I should have listened to my gut and kept testing.  BUT, I have a sneaking suspicion that once the amazing Bianco Macaubus counter tops go in and white subway backsplash and grey/white grasscloth in the dining area are up I will feel more confident in my color choice (which is Benjamin Moore Cape May Cobblestone).

What I do know for sure- it’s lightyears better then my current basement “kitchen”. Glamorous, no? Lamp with no shade. Solo cups. Paper plates. BUCKETS of wine. All class.


My grout decisions compared to lower cabinets…. slightly darker than cabinets or exact same color? Andrew looked at these and insisted I was tricking him as they are the SAME EXACT COLOR! I was all, are you blind? They are SO different! Mars/ Venus….sheesh.


I’m going with the one on the right. Unless y’all confuse me.

Also, I chose this AMAZING Rohl facuet that blended modern and country styling and did it in chrome- even thought my hardware is matte brass.  Mixing metals is all kinds of hip now.  And of course now I’m thinking I should have done an unlacquered brass faucet. I want to punch myself with these thoughts!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 7.49.12 AM
Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 7.50.02 AM

One other doubt I am having is about the thing I BASED MY WHOLE KITCHEN ON!  My Hicks pendants.  There are design elements out there, like the Hicks, that are everywhere.  Seen all over Pinterest, blogs and the like.  I am fighting the internal battle over something I truly LOVE vs. using something that tons of people have.  I also am a little concerned about them being so heavy in the low ceiling/ small kitchen.  Andrew held one up in the space and I did like the look- I can;t help it, I love those darn pendants.  But I also found these online and like them too – the brass and glass might be lighter and more open. I DOOOOON’T KNOOOOWWW.  I am my own worst client.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 7.18.37 AM

Speaking on this space, I still have not decided on the dining room fixture right next to discussed pendants.  I did finally see the Arteriors one I love in person, as we put it in one of my client’s spaces this past week. It’s THE HOTNESS (and this was taken mid install- she’ll probably kill me for posting) :)


But I just don’t know! God, I suck!

One thing I DO know about is the powder room wallpaper, Hicks Hexagon from Cole & Sons– another case of something seen a lot but I do not care because it looks AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!! I came home Friday to it complete and nearly feel to my knees in happiness. I cannot wait to have everything reinstalled and my window treatments to be made and put up!!!


Andrew says he might get a seizure when he goes in here, but tough stuff, big guy. It’s worth it.


One fun weekend win- this awesome vintage brass fireplace screen complete with lions on the corners. A score at $130 at the Sowa Market!  I continue to try to blend traditional and modern and  vintage and new in this house!


Counters go in Thursday, appliances Monday and tile after that!!! We are getting close!

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